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Our Trip to the
Naples Ritz Carlton

So this weekend we spent Friday and Saturday night at the Naples Ritz Carlton and it was awesome. Cool thing is we actually didn’t spend a dime of our own, our home business company we promote footed the bill, check out the video and the scenery

The Naples Ritz is Seriously Awesome

My wife and I do a lot of standard vacations and this past year we started doing a lot of staycations as well. My wife’s birthday was Wednesday and I decided to surprise her with a weekend stay at the Naples Ritz Carlton.

We booked a corner club suite on the 12th floor (Room 1214) and the view was amazing. The room was definitely nice, not overwhelming but the view was kickbutt. With a club suite you get access to the club where they serve all kinds of complimentary food and drinks pretty much all day long. We actually didn’t eat anywhere but the club as the food was so darn good. If you stay at the Naples Ritz Carlton, I would highly suggest checking out upgrading to a club suite.

View of the beach from Naples Ritz Carlton


Tips if you Stay at the Naples Ritz Carlton

1. Get access to the spa. The front desk was nice enough to give us day passes but that might be because we booked a suite, if you aren’t able to get a day pass, simply doing one of the services gets you a day pass. The spa, is awesome. Make sure you test your man or lady-hood by doing the cold plunge.

2. Get club access. Costly, but worth it.

3. Find a way to write off your vacation or better yet, get it for free. The company that I promote has a vacation incentive that gives us $18,000 a year toward vacations so this one was totally paid for by the company. However, IF you have a home business, you can prospect while on property and take pictures and videos for marketing purposes and at least write off a portion of your trip.

The Naples Ritz Carlton, both my wife and I have agreed, is the classiest place we have ever stayed and it is such a great location, you deserve to check it out sometime.

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