Want better results in your offline prospecting? This will help AND give you some ideas.

Today we will show you a few things to do and a few things NOT to do when it comes to offline prospecting strategies.

Tips for Network Marketing

You don’t have to be the guru of offline prospecting to succeed in network marketing but it sure is cool if you know what to do when you encounter someone with great energy and have the ability to tell them about your product or opportunity.

IF you want to get better at offline prospecting, this is an older article I wrote a long time ago that has some really good offline MARKETING strategies. Some great tips for network marketing in that article that will actually get people OFFLINE to ask you questions and reach out to you.

Some Fun Network Marketing Quotes

“You’re not poor because you don’t have money.  You’re poor if you don’t have a dream” – Randy Gage
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“The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want. The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want.” – Eric Worre
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“You must have a plan and stick with it for 18-24 months” – Jordan Adler
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Two Things NOT to do When Offline Prospecting

My first suggestion is to not actually pitch when you first encounter someone offline. Sure, some can but I am not even sure if you can that you should. Develop a two step process and go for their contact information first and THEN on the follow up talk to them about what you have to offer IF the opportunity presents itself.

The reason I say IF the opportunity presents itself is don’t be addicted to the idea of HAVING to pitch on the follow up call. You may get into a conversation and it just doesn’t make sense to bring up your product or opportunity so don’t weirdly force it if you are thinking that.

Step one of Offline Prospecting – Go for the contact information.

Step two, make sure you FOLLOW UP!

In the below video I share an interesting conversation that I had with one of my association members yesterday about his offline prospecting that is pretty unique but I think you will get benefit from. IF you are doing prospecting for Network Marketing, you may want to watch the below video.

Video: How to do Prospecting in Network Marketing

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