Offer Value to Customers

You always need to offer value to customers and be like the gym owner and keep customers coming back for more. In today’s training Staci and Nicole talk about how to keep your audience coming back for more value from value.

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offer value to customers

Be Like The Gym Owner

Nicole: I liked this. She’s right. This analogy with the gym owner, it works.

Staci: Yes.

Nicole: It’s really, really true. A gym owner, what happens? Somebody comes in, they decide they’re going to go up to the elliptical because it’s the easiest thing for them. They get on it, but they take five minutes taking the picture with the perfect filter that makes them 20 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. Then they sit there and they send it and then they turn on the TV on the elliptical and they’re looking for Oprah.

And then Oprah is there and then we start going, and then something happens to the internet and Oprah’s gone. They’re like, “Woo. That was a great workout.” They got five or 10 minutes in, they feel amazing. They have to take another picture in front of some other machine.

The gym owner is watching them the whole time. Gym owner’s like, “They’re loving it. Look at them. They are having such a fun time in here.” And as they walk out feeling like a total rock star, shoulders back, chest out, they’re like, “Hey dude, have a good day. See you tomorrow.” He’s like, “Yes, you will.”

Staci: Yep.

Nicole: Ding, ding. That’s what you want to do. You want to make sure they’re happy where they’re at right now, even though I’m sure that gym owner’s like, “Dude, I hope he keeps working out because I think that this is going to be a good thing for his health and his image.”

He’s thinking good things about him. It’s for you. You want to be able to offer something to them, but let them stay around the campfire. Offer value, value, value. The more value you offer them, the more they start seeing that they need you because you make them feel better and you have something that they need. You got a cookie? And they want the cookie, right?

Staci: Exactly. Yeah, you mean you want to have options for people who want to step up and play bigger if they raise their hand. You should have those options available. Just like the gym owner is going to point you to CrossFit, point you to yoga, point you to Pilates, whatever.

Nicole: Pointing.

Staci: But you’re pointing to things, you’re not pushing. Could you imagine if the gym owner was like, “Girl, you’ve been here for, what is it, Nicole, it’s been six weeks, I thought you’d have a better thigh gap going. I thought the abs would be a little tighter. What are you doing? Tell me what your schedule is. What kind of work are you doing? What’s your workout? Tell me.” Seriously, she’d be gonzo. “Bye. See ya.” Or she’s going to join another gym down the street somewhere where they’re not going to tackle her every time she comes in and make her feel less than because she’s not the thigh gap or whatever.

Is that even a thing anymore? I don’t know. But anyway, the point is you can’t force people to want what you want. Their goals and their desire levels are entirely different from your own, and so just love on them and go find other people. I think we’ve made that pretty clear.

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