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Off to Orlando to Change Some Lives

If you told me in 2009 that I was going to run an event, where people all over the world would fly into, I wouldn’t have believed you.

You Cannot See ALL That You Can Accomplish

In 2009, I was in foreclosure, deep depression and constantly, every second of the day, questioned my self worth. Full story here

Since then, amazing things have happened, many that simply could not have been predicted.

– Two Amazon #1 best selling books
– Voted the #1 blog in network marketing
– Shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuck, Les Brown, Eric Worre, Brendon Burchard and many more
– Became the #1 earner in my network marketing company
– Married the woman of my dreams
– Lost 30 pounds
– Became a much better and grateful father
– Did an $850,000 product launch with the Pro Blog Academy
– And so much more.

All along the way helping people like my friend Emmanuel recruit over 200 reps into MLSP, my friend Robert go from hardly any to up to 2,200 hits per day on his site, my friend Lisa from bankruptcy and foreclosure to making over $160,000. And the awesome stories go on and on and on and on.

It all comes together this weekend in Orlando. The Top Earner Academy is the biggest project my wife and I have ever put together. Hundreds of hours, travel, coaching, support all to put this event together that is going to change lives all over the world. We have people flying in from Serbia, Malaysia, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Australia, Nigeria, and all over Canada and South America.

4pMAeEKBBqWhat Does This Have to do With You?

Well, if you are watching via livestream or attending in person, you will see. You will see your limiting beliefs disappear and your new habits form. You will learn the tactics and strategies, in a step by step process, on how we accomplished all those things listed above.


If you are unable to attend or get on the livestream due to your limiting beliefs, I want you to know that I was once there. I was once dead broke, questioning my existence and self worth and let me be a shining example of what is possible. You are NOT your circumstances. You are not flawed or broken. You are simply in your own way.

Get out of your own way. The world is waiting.

I hope to be there when you create your music, when you dive into that brilliance inside you. Thank you so much for listening, thanks for your support and thanks for being awesome! I lok forward to many years of helping you make a bigger impact.

To Your Abundance!

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