Sonya Dyess is Ron Legrands social media guru. I spoke on a silver coin mlm that I do with Ron at this event and had the pleasure to hear Sonya Dyess speak on social media, here are some of my notes:

  • More youtube videos were uploaded in the last 60 days than if ABC, NBC and CBS uploaded all of their news content since 1948.
  • From 2007-2009, Social media jobs have increased 37%
  • From 2008-2009
    • Newspaper advertising is down 18.7%
    • Television advertising is down 10.1%
    • Radio advertising is down 11.7%
    • Magazine advertising is down 14.8%
    • Internet advertising is up 9.2%
  • 67% of people who have a social media account will consult a social media community before they purchase a product (wow)

All in all it was a great event and we brought on a great group of people in our silver coin mlm

Ray Higdon
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