inc-5000-event-foYesterday I attended the INC 5000 event in San Antonio and wanted to share my notes.

Our company was recognized on the Inc 5000 this year and I am learning a lot at this incredible event (that you get to learn too!)

INC 500 Event and Some Incredible Lessons

Earlier this year we were proud to announce that we hit the INC 5000 (and we are STILL giving away a free training on that post) and were excited to attend the Inc 5000 event this year, partially to learn but also to share what we learn with YOU!

Powerful Topics and Amazing Speakers

Really enjoyed the talk by Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method that built a $100 million business reinventing household cleaning products. He talked A LOT about culture and in the video I share some of what he talked about.

Then there was a debate on Profits vs. Purpose that was cool and insightful, I also share my thoughts on that as well in the video.

Probably the session at the INC 5000 event that I got the most notes and value from was “How to tell your story” with Jennifer Connelly (does the PR for Tony Robbins and many others), Kate Rogers, correspondent for CNBC, Jon Fine editor with INC, and Cal McAllister the founder for the marketing firm Wexley school for girls.

The final session I caught was by the founder of New Belgium (maker of my favorite beer, Fat Tire) who had some very unique takes on employees and scaling.

As always I translate what I learned into how it applies to the network marketer and your team, hope you get value from the below video! Today Tony Robbins takes the stage, drop me a comment if you are excited to hear my take on HIS talk, here’s the last time I saw him live – Tony Robbins at Go Pro

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