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Know you need to be consistent but don’t feel motivated? Here’s what you and your network marketing team need… and it’s NOT a daily routine.

The Key To Motivate You and Your Network Marketing Team

We were doing a mastermind retreat on a cruise once a couple years ago for our Top Earner Club mastermind. I was explaining some of my daily routine. One of the spouses in there, the wife was the business builder, and she had brought her husband. He was chilling on the cruise. During one of the sessions, the husband raised his hand, and he says, “Hey, man, does this mean you work all day, every day?”

I said, “Definitely not.”

( I mean, yesterday I did do three team lives (for different teams) and I did my rank maker video. The rest of the day I was on the lazy river. We were staying at a resort, and I was on the lazy river with my son. He’s on spring break from college. =D )

Here’s the difference though. Not every day is high production, but I DON’T have no production days. There are no days where there’s no production. I may have low production, but there’s never a day of no production.

There isn’t a day where I’m not striving to impact someone, when I’m not striving to solve a problem, or I’m not doing a Facebook Live.

That day does not exist.

Now, there may be low production. Maybe I do my rank maker video, and the rest of the day I goof off. That happens sometimes, not a lot, but happens sometimes. Then there are some days where I have coaching calls, I’ve got three or four team lives, I got webinars, I got interviews, or running an event. There are definitely HIGH production days.

There are low production days, but there are zero no production days.

How To Have Zero No Production Days

Well, what I’ve learned over the years is it’s not awareness of routine. I taught routine for years and no one would do it. No one would do it. I would talk about 20 Nos A Day and people would be like, “Oh yeah, I’m going to do it.” They never do it. They don’t do it. Hard, it’s hard to do that stuff. I would talk about doing a video every day.

Here’s the X-factor.

It’s not awareness of routine, because if you want a good routine freaking Google it. You’ll find 52 great routines, they’re all over. They’re a dime a dozen. There are great routines out there. If you’re just wandering aimlessly in the wilderness, and it’s dark out, and you don’t know, “What should I do every day?” You can Google routine and you’ll find some great ones.

It’s not the awareness of routine that makes you consistent. It’s the vision of who you are becoming.

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Who Do You Want To Become?

I want to become someone that transforms this profession. I don’t want to just show up as a great trainer and get applause and make bunches of money. My goal is to transform this profession. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s the deal. We’ve created a successful business. We’ve made millions of dollars, and we’re very grateful for all of that stuff. BUT, I’m not satisfied with the way that the trainer profession deal is going. I don’t think everyone needs just another event or a course. I think we need a transformation. We need something different here.

That prevents me from not taking days off. On days where I’ve had, unfortunately, a friend find out they have cancer, unfortunately, a friend or family member pass away, unfortunately, some kind of loss of whatever magnitude, or some kind of surprise financial loss. I get those all the time. There’s all kinds of those things that happen. It sucks. But, the vision of who I want to become forces me, like a ruthless dictator, to show up, in some way, shape or form, to impact the profession.

It’s a ruthless dictator. I can’t help it. It’s almost like autopilot. Grabs me by my spine, picks me up, lifts me off my bed, and forces me in front of a camera. That’s what a good vision is.

A good vision is a ruthless dictator.

What To Do When Life Sucks?

So that when the road is on fire all around you, when dinosaurs are trying to bite your head off, when you don’t feel like it, when you’re in major pain. I mean, hell, there were days, and I’m much better now, but there were days when I was popping pain pills before I took videos. You know what I mean? It’s a little unhealthy. It really is. The vision of who I want to become can be unhealthy.

A good vision is a ruthless dictator that forces you to do the shit you don’t want to do. Forces you, makes you get up there and do it. You don’t want to? That doesn’t compute. You don’t feel like it? I don’t understand. Get up there and do it.

Unfortunately, there’s going to be worse days. There’s going to be days that really, really, really suck.

It’s who do you want to become? How do you want to impact this planet while there’s still blood running through our veins? Because, at some point, there’s not blood running through our veins.

That’s what keeps me going. It’s not awareness of routine. I didn’t go to the Barnes and Noble and get “A Dummies Guide to Daily Routine.” I didn’t do that. It’s my vision of who I want to become that forces me to show up every day. That doesn’t mean 20 hours a day. Doesn’t mean eight hours a day. Doesn’t mean 10 hours a day. Some days it might, not every day, but I just don’t have zero production days. They don’t exist in my world. Doesn’t happen. And, there are many days I don’t feel like it, believe me. But I’m showing up anyway because my vision is a ruthless dictator.

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