Are you trying to get ahold of your prospects but they’re NOT answering your calls?

Here I will share exactly How to Deal with these types of Prospects and How to Position you as a Business Professional.

Non-Phone Answering Prospects And What To Do With Them

If I had to boil down Recruiting and Prospecting in one sentence I would say:

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Be Totally Fine Disqualifying People

I buy a lot of trainings and courses. One of the courses that I went through, it’s a $2000 course. Whether you like him or not, he’s a good trainer. He’s got good information, but that’s Jordan Belfort. The wolf of wall street.

One thing that he said is go for FAST Disqualification.

Now, that’s the exact opposite of what most network marketers do. Most network marketers are looking for prospects.

And, when someone sniffs their way, they’re like “I got one.”

Eight hours later the prospect is like “Get me out of here!”

Most network marketers spend too much time with the WRONG prospect.

I spend very little time. And we now obviously focus on coaching and training the professions as a whole. So, I don’t actively build a team. But when I was, I spent very little with prospects.

If they pushed me around I’d disqualify them.

I don’t want them in my team.

I’d say “Hey, clearly it’s not a fit for you. Hasta la vista. Good luck to you. Wish you the best.”

Come From A Place Of Abundance (NOT NEED)

What would you do if the most popular doctor in town, started hammering you on the phone?

Saying, “Hey when are you going to come in? When are you going to come in for the check up? I’d love to check you out, I’d love to help you out and work on that knee. Hey, maybe you missed my call, maybe you didn’t get it yet, I just wanted to make sure it got through. I heard a beep but I wasn’t sure. Did it beep after? But I’m available today.”

You would probably think “Man, is this guy hurting for business?”


When you are chasing, people naturally think, “Oh they must be hurting for business, they must be desperate, they must really need some money.”

Well guess when nobody wants to join you? When you are desperate. When you NEED something.


Go to a bank when you need a loan.

Just sit down with a loan officer and say, “Hey man I really need a loan right now.”

They’ll say,“Okay, thanks for coming by. SECURITY!!”

They’re going to get you out of there, they don’t want to give you money when you NEED a loan, they’re not there to help you.  They’re there for their selfish desires.

When you say, “Hey I don’t need a loan but I’d be happy to take one out to build my credit.”

They’ll say, “Oh great, awesome, so you’re going to pay us money to help build your credit? Perfect. Here ya go.”

When you don’t need things it’s amazing how you can get them easier.

The Voicemail Follow-Up

I have a three voicemail system. This is for someone who is just not getting on the phone with me and they told me they would.

First, I’m going to SET A TIME.

Again, think like a professional.

If you go to the most powerful attorney in your city are you going to go to that most powerful attorney in the city and say “Hey I’d love to jump on the phone with you.”

Is that most powerful attorney in the city going to say “Yes, just call me whenever bud. I’m available.”?

No! They’re freaking busy! They’re a professional. You should be busy too, you are professional.

The next 2 essential steps to the 3 Part Voicemail System are in video down below.

There you go, hopefully that’s helpful to you or at least it was entertaining. I appreciate you. Feel free to tag your team. And, feel free to share this around.

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