network marketing tipsWant to make sure your new teammate gets off on the right foot?

Here I will some network marketing tips that will help make sure you get your teammates crushing all their goals.

Network Marketing Tips: Setting Goals With New Teammates

I’ve learned this from friends of mine, and now we’re blessed and honored to call them diamond clients, Larry and Taylor Thompson.  They are the best in the world at teaching network marketing culture. They define that there’s three main categories inside any network marketing team.

Team Culture

80% of any network marketing team is totally happy making $0 to $500 a month.

15%, their desire level is about $2,000 to $3,000 a month.

5% of any network marketing team has the desire to make $25,000 or more per month.

However, most of the people that have the desire to make $25,000 or more per month and are still aggressively going after their goals, they treat the 95% of their team just like them. And so they turn off a lot of people.

Here’s an analogy:

Let’s say you go to a church and you love the church. You’ve been going to for years, and as you’re exiting, the father says to you, “Hey, I noticed that you didn’t sign up for our pastor training, to become a pastor. Just curious, your thoughts on that?” And you’re like, “Oh,  I appreciate that, Father, but you know what? I’m actually I got three kids. I got a job, I got a career, I don’t know that that’s on my life mission.” And the pastor’s like, “Hmm, all right. That’s fine.” And you leave. So you get in your car, you’re driving home, and you’re like, “Man, that’s kind of strange, right? It’s kind of weird.”

You go back the next week, and you’re feeling a little guilty, right? So maybe you’d put a little extra money in the collection plate as it goes around. As you’re exiting, there’s the father again. He says, “Hey, wow. I mentioned this last week, and I notice you still didn’t sign up for the pastor training. I just, I thought you took this seriously.”

The question is, how many weeks of the leader going to you with goals you don’t have trying to shove them down your throat until you stop going to that church? Two, three, four?

But see, network marketing leaders do that every single day. They’re like, “Gosh, if you’re not going for diamond, you’re bad.”

How many times do you have to hear how you’re disappointing the leader before you stop showing up?

Keep Them Around The Campfire

You can’t teach desire. You can’t go to someone and say, “You must desire more.”  You can’t do it.

But if you keep them around the campfire, if you keep them around where the action is, where the people are, where the awesomeness is, where the uplifting is, where the I feel good is, you have a chance. They MAY change their desire.

Make people feel good. See people for where they could be, but don’t make them feel bad if they don’t have the same desire level as you.

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Setting Goals For Your Team

If you’re going to be sitting down with new teammates, old teammates, or  someone on the verge of quitting, ask them what do they want. What do they hope to gain? What are their goals? And help them, and I would highly suggest that you learn to structure activity goals, not result goals.

In the video below I share exactly how to use activity goals to see the most results.

Go after what you can control, which is your activity.

Was that helpful?

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