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Network Marketing Tips & New Resources Released at
Numis Network’s Super Saturday Event

All I can say is WOW. I was honored to attend and kick off the Numis Network Super Saturday event today in Tampa, Florida. I started out with an opportunity meeting with a brand new slimmed down and more graphically pleasing powerpoint, we brought on some new wonderful reps into the business and then we started with training.

Matt Dimaio opened up the meeting and was the AMAZING MC that he always is, so cool having such an amazing guy as our VP of Marketing!

Network Marketing Tips, Round One

Kevin Giguere, Numis Network’s first 5 star and founder Jake Kevorkian kicked off our all new PBR (not pabst blue ribbon, but Private Business Reception) system. It was so exciting to see this presentation as I think a lof of us have been looking for a blueprint on how to do home meetings. Below are my notes from this training.

First of all, those Numis Network reps reading this, you can now download Kevins PBR presentation from the backoffice under downloads. Here is Kevin’s simple 6 Step process to building massive momentum in your business using home meetings.

Step 1. Schedule the Event (there is never a perfect time, just pick the date)
Step 2. Make a List (This should be 100-200 people from your cellphone, do not pre-judge, a lot of people are looking for extra income right now or perhaps like gold and silver)
Step 3. Call that List (notice it said call, not email!)
Step 4. Submit the list of people that said Yes to your upline or the person that is going to be presenting*** (This is a really gangsta network marketing tip guys, I have never heard this before and excited to try this step out. The upline or presenter will call that list 24 hours before the meeting to confirm)
Step 5. Setup the room (Light refreshments, Make sure all equipment is working, have a sign-in sheet)
Step 6. Repeat with ALL new reps (Anyone that signs up that night, start step 1 with them and schedule their PBR)

Script to invite people to your PBR:
I’m kicking off my brand new business with gold and silver. This is about making extra money and residual income. I’d love to get your feedback on it, can you be there?

Anyone that says yes, put on a seperate list that has their name, phone number and their occupation. Submit this list to your upline or the person going to tbe presenter and that person will call them and remind them 24 hours before. NOTE: Chris Kent said that MOST reps will NOT do this so-critical step, don’t skip this step!

Prepare for the PBR

  • Test the powerpoint, or, the DVD player if you will be using the newly released Numis Network DVD
  • Before starting the meeting have everyone turn their phones off
  • Have clipboards and sign-up sheets
  • Light refreshments
  • Upbeat music before and after
  • Sign in sheet

Begin the PBR

  • Edify the speaker
  • Speaker edifies the host

PBR No-No’s

  • Never cancel, even if you don’t think anyone is going to show
  • Don’t start late
  • Don’t go over an hour
  • Don’t interrupt the speaker
  • Don’t ever talk about who could not make it or apologize for people that could not show. Be cognizant of what you are saying, the guests that did make it are your top priority and require your attention
  • Don’t under invite, why not have standing room only!

This is just from my notes, the full and powerful presentation is in the backoffice under downloads.

New Releases For Numis Network Reps

Chris Kent took the stage and announced the new things for Numis Network reps. This is really exciting stuff! We now have a DVD with the overview on it, how powerful is that? This is a resource we have really wanted for awhile and it is great to have it, here is the picture from your back office. Cedrick trained us on how to use these and I will cover this in a moment. You can now order these in your backoffice.

Then, Chris shared the Numis Network Newsletter pictured here

This is a new, powerful way for you to share Numis Network with people. It is funny, with being a brand new company, we have really been doing well, despite not having hardly ANY physical marketing materials! Now, we have a real 1-2 punch to get the word out to our prospects.

As we do at all shows, and also one of the reasons you want to always attend Numis Network events, Chris busted out the coin show specials for all reps. Today they had three specials, a Boy Scout Commemorative set, a disabled veteran set and the burnished silver eagle set consisting of the 2006, 2007, 2008 W MS-70 Silver Eagles. That last set is the one I purchased. It sold at the show for $349 and here is what is awesome, we looked up on Ebay and say the 2006 W MS 70 Silver Eagle BY ITSELF selling for $430, and yes, it had bids at that price! This is such an awesome company!

New Update to the Fast Track Collector Kit
This may truly be the most powerful thing announced at the event. Starting NOW, anyone that purchases a Fast Track Collector Kit now receives a certificate that allows them to send 5 of their own coins to ANACS to be graded, FOR FREE! This is huge! This has me so excited! Why is this so cool? Well, most of us have family members or ourselves that have old coins. If you have old ungraded coins, get them graded and they come back a high grade, you may be SHOCKED to see how much more they are worth! Let’s use an example of the St Gaudens $20 Gold Piece.

An ungraded $20 St Gaudens Gold piece sells for about $1,700. If you happened to have one of those and you sent it in (using your free certificate) and it came back with a high grade, here is the difference in selling price.

Ungraded St Gaudens sell for between $1,600 and $2,400
Graded MS65 St. Gaudens sell for between $2,390 and $3,399
Graded MS67 St. Gaudens sell right now for over $16,000!

This certificate is a very cool way to get anyone excited about coins!

The Man, The Myth, THE Cedrick Harris Training

I am honored and grateful to have Cedrick on my team, he is an absolute all-star his training is second to none. He taught how to market using the DVD’s and also his favorite OFFLINE marketing tactic.

How to market Numis Network with the New DVD’s

You want to purchase a bunch of them but always treat them like you only have one to give out. You do not want to be holding onto a box of DVD’s when you are looking for someone to give them to, treat them as special and don’t just give them to someone without at first getting a commitment. Cedrick taught this brilliantly. Here is an example of how you would market using the DVD’s:

You: I just got involved in a gold and silver business and I have a DVD that explains it, when could you watch it?

If they tell you next week, month or year, tell them to contact you at that time and you will let them borrow the DVD. Tell them you only have one and are looking for people that want to make extra money now. Now, when you do this, they may just update their statement and say that they can watch it later today. If they do, tell them you need to know what time they are going to watch it so you can contact them and then get the DVD back from them. This is a poweful way to get someone to commit to watching it. When you call them back after they have watched it, some strong questions are:

  • What did you like?
  • How would you build it?
  • How serious are you?
  • What is your zip code? (Close em!)

Another powerful way to get the DVD out there is when you are going through toll booths, pay for the person behind you (barring they are not driving a beat up old car) and handing the toll booth operator one of the DVD’s to give the person behind you.

Cedrick and his genius drop card training

Cedrick, the number one recruiter in Numis Network, shared his favorite OFFLINE marketing technique and it is using the $100 Drop Cards. These things are pretty cool and you can use them wherever you are and Cedrick swears by them! I loved his ideas for using them, here was his 7 favorite ways to use the $100 drop cards:

  1. When you are getting gas, place a $100 dropcard in the credit card slot at the pump
  2. When you get junk mail, open it up and if they have a “No postage neccessary” envelope in there, throw a drop card in there and mail it! A human being opens it, so why not?
  3. Buy a newspaper from a stand, open it up and place one of the dropcards in each of the newspapers (another funny one)
  4. When flying, place them in the sky mall magazine that almost everyone looks at
  5. When in a bookstore, place them in relevent self help, making money or marketing books
  6. When staying at a hotel, tip the housekeeper well and leave one for them with a note
  7. When at a restaurant, ask the waiter or waitress if they are open to making more money, leave them a nice tip and a drop card with the receipt

If you need to order drop cards you can order them here

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