How You Treat People Affects Your MLM Success

You ever see someone who works really hard, knows a lot about network marketing but never has success? It could quite possibly be how they treat others. This post examines and explains that how you treat people can dictate your level of success.

How You Treat People You Buy From DICTATES If You Will Ever Make Sales

You heard that right. How you treat people that are successful programs your subconscious to either A) become someone of success or B) avoid it like the plague. Let me explain…

No one consciously decides to fail, it is mainly due to your subconscious that you are not where you want to be. Your subconscious is that blind spot that unless you shine a light on, you will never know about.

If you treat people of success poorly or like they owe you, or you quickly get a refund on their products even though you never went through them, your subconscious makes note of what you did and how you treated that person of success and will do everything in its power to prevent you from ever being treated that way. If you constantly criticize people of success or “guru’s” as some like to call them, you will guarantee yourself to never have to be treated that way as no one will take the time to criticize people of non-success or people that are broke.

How do you feel about people of success?

If your first inclination when you hear someone having success is to criticize them or say, “yeah but” or anything in that regard, you are programmed for failure. It is much safer to fail to your subconscious again as no one will take the time to criticize or lob rocks at the people that never achieve MLM success. A lot of times your subconscious will force you to think about refunding that last product you bought even though tons of people are getting results to keep you SAFE and prevent you from getting rich.

Dictations on How You Treat People

  1. If you are the person that buys a training product from someone and just gets a refund having never gone through it = Your subconscious will prevent you from ever selling any training products as it will believe you will have people refund your product.
  2. If you are the person that buys a training product and goes through it and you actually like it but still get a refund = Your subconscious will prevent you from making sales as it will believe that you will attract free-loaders like yourself.
  3. If you buy a training product from someone and then treat the creator of that product like crap because you believe they owe you = Your subconscious will prevent you from making sales so YOU are not treated like crap.
  4. If you are someone who never buys anything but thinks people of success owe you something simply because they have had some success = You will never experience success so as to prevent you from being used and abused.

Get Better at How You Treat People Here!

This past weekend I spoke at the No Excuses 3 Mastermind where people paid $5,000 to attend a 3-day event with Magnetic Sponsoring, Ray and Ferny, and myself. I explained my concept of “exposure agents”.

When I first started with online MLM marketing, I identified “exposure agents” and figured out ways to help them or get them compensated. I did this with the dudes at MLSP, the guys at Magnetic Sponsoring, the founders of No Excuses, and a few others. I didn’t go to them saying pretty please give me something or like my page or can I have your product, I focused on how I could help them…and it paid off big time! Here are the positive dictations:

  1. If you focus on helping others (including the gurus) they will want to help you back.
  2. If you focus on making money for the people that have the lifestyle or ability you desire, they will pay attention to you and want to help you.
  3. If you are nice to the people of success, your subconscious will WANT to make you successful so that YOU are treated nicely!

NOTE: Every single day I see people break these rules on how to treat people and they wonder why they struggle so much. IF you want to live a different lifestyle, I plead with you to pay attention to the above information. It is MORE important than anything technical you can read. I would also encourage you to get your copy of “How to win friends and influence people”, it may not sound sexy but that has gotten me more results in my life than any SEO or copywriting training.

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