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Network Marketing Tips to Create Self-Reliant Teammates

A couple things, one you need to understand what is your pay off?

This will crinkle a few toes. You need to understand your payoff.

See some people, their payoff is the limelight. Some people their payoff is compliments. Sometimes their payoff is gaining attention of their team. I know people like that. I know people like that that they reach a ceiling in network marketing because they’ve achieved their payoff. Their payoff was to get the attention of their team.

Why would they keep going? Why do they need to hit the very top rank? Because they got the attention of the team, right?

You have to ask yourself, “What is my payoff?” You want me to tell you my payoff? My payoff is impact. How many millions of people can I impact? How many tens of millions of people can I impact? How many nations can we impact? How many countries can we impact? Impact is something that I’m not going to get to a ceiling where I say, “Oh, impacted enough.”

One thing that was very powerful is a few months back I was speaking at the network marketing pro event and Bob Proctor was up there and I believe he’s either 78 or 81. He was talking about one of his mentors, Earl Nightingale. Bob goes to Earl Nightingale and says, “Earl, brother, why are you still doing events? You’re in your 80s.” Earl replies, “Bob, the last time I checked, there were still people out there that needed help.” Wow. Powerful.

You need to understand your payoff. Is it the limelight? I see a lot of people that are in network marketing or attraction marketing system and they get on stage. Yes, and that’s where they stop, because what’s past the stage? They don’t know. They don’t have that vision of going past. This is deep, right?

You need to know your payoff. If your payoff is to get the attention of the team or even get the limelight or to get up on stage, you’re going to have a ceiling. You’ll always have it, and you’ll wonder, why am I stuck at 100,000 a year or 200,000 a year, or 4 million a year? People can get stuck at almost any level. Don’t have a stuckness. What’s your payoff? Number one. Recognize it. Embrace it.  See at one point I needed to prove myself. Very true, totally true. I needed to prove myself and because of that need, I became the number one income earner in my last company.

I got to a point where I realized there was a payoff that was higher than that. There was a payoff that’s higher than me proving myself, and that payoff was impacting individuals across the world. That’s one of the reasons that we retired from actively building network marketing, because we felt that the purpose that we’re after needs to serve the profession as a whole. We retired, sold that position, and now we’re no longer actively building a network marketing company.

We have a different purpose now. I no longer have that desire of got to get on company stage to prove myself. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a company stage, just to clarify, in fact you should crave that to be a great example.

Let me give you something that will shake and rattle you, at least some of you. If you get on with one of your teammates and you spend 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes giving them a training, You’re not duplicatable.

You’re actually hurting them. You’re hurting their growth, because they can’t repeat it the way that you can. They can’t replay your conversation. Are your recording it? Probably not. They can’t replay it. They can’t state it like you. We’re not mockingbirds. We can’t just hear something and instantly repeat it. They can’t repeat it. They can’t replay it. They can’t rewind it and replay it. None of those things. What you’re doing is non duplicatable, but the payoff is they say, “Thank you. God you’re so brilliant. You’re a genius.” If that’s your payoff, then viola. You got it. The only problem is when you have a 1,000 reps, 10,000 reps, 100,000 reps, 1,000,000 reps, you better warm up that hand, man. You better get hands free, right? You better get a headset or something, because you’re going to be yapping and getting all kinds of accolades and thank you’s and just not duplictable.

For the rest of the story, watch the video below. In it I share exact examples of what to do for your team to help them become self-reliant. The network marketing tips that I share will help you free up your time and actually help your teammates in a bigger way.

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