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Network Marketing Tips for Team Building

team building

Here at a leadership retreat in Colorado and thought I would share a couple tips for team building.

IF you want to crush your network marketing business, these small tweaks in team building will help you!

Get to Events!

I can assure you that I stay pretty fired up, all the time. Some people think that you only need to go to events IF you need to be fired up and nothing can be further from the truth. Getting to events allows you to hear strategies and stories to use in your team building and recruiting process that will simply help you get where you want to go faster.

Tonight I am excited to be sharing my story at the event here in Colorado, wish me luck!

The Biggest Obstacle for Talented People

Believe me I will do a seperate blog post about this but it is too important and on my mind not to share. Do you know the biggest obstacle for talented people inside network marketing? It is the BIGGEST crusher of would be network marketing millionaire’s and I bet has killed more careers than anything else.

That crusher is a specific type of sabotage. A talented person can recruit people into network marketing, however, they miss some of the steps that I talk about in today’s video. When their recruit don’t do anything they start to draw false conclusions and they think either A) this doesn’t work ,B) they aren’t a good leader or C) they feel bad because they are seeing some success and their people aren’t.

The sabotage is associated with this in that they start to associate PAIN with the recruiting process and they stop recruiting. (Comment below if this resonates with you). To overcome this you have to believe in POSSIBILITY vs stare at probability. Instead of associating pain with the recruiting process, know that each person you bring in has the possibility of a big win and instead of beating yourself up, follow my suggestions in the below video and keep doing the ONE thing that will lead you to the next superstar (which could pump up some of your existing team).

Video on Team Building

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To Your Abundance!

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