Today you will learn three new Network Marketing Success tips to help you reach the top of your company.

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Three Network Marketing Success Tips for You

Here are my Top three Network Marketing Success Tips to become a top earner.

Number one I would say is vision. Have a vision for who you want to become. A vision is different than a why. Let me talk to you a little bit about a why. Now, your company and probably most of your company leaders, they are trained to teach you to look for a why because that’s what they’ve been taught. You’ve got to have a why that makes you cry, right? Why’s are important. Why’s are powerful. I’m not anti-why. That would be a little weird.

Here’s the common thread that I see around why’s. Number one, a why is typically external. A why could be that I want to spend more time with my kids. I want to retire my spouse. I want to provide clean drinking water for kids in Kenya. It’s typically something external of you and it is socially acceptable. It’s commercially digestible. When I say, “Hey, I really want to retire my my spouse,” that is very commercially digestible and when you tell someone it, you actually get a little bit of a payoff and they say, “Oh, man that’s so admirable. Cool for you. That’s really cool man.”

The problem is, you have to watch your payoffs. There’s a lot of people that are addicted to payoffs that don’t matter. Someone telling me that, “Hey man, that’s really cool that you want to retire your spouse,” that’s nice, but that’s not a payoff, because I’m not actually spending time with my spouse. A vision is more internal. A vision is more, who do you want to become? What do you want to do? What kind of imprint do you want to leave on this planet while you are here? What kind of legacy do you want to stand for? Who do you want to inspire?

People for years have come to me and said, “Ray, teach me your daily routine,” and I’ll teach it, but they won’t do it. “Why won’t they do it? I tell them exactly what I do and I give them suggestions for a daily routine. Why won’t they do it?” The reason is … get ready. They don’t have a vision to pull then through the tough times. See, that’s what you have to have. You have to have a vision that is borderline psychotic. It’s borderline psychotic because there’s going to be so many times in your life where it’s going to be so easy to quit.

It’s going to be so easy to say, “This makes no damn sense. It makes no damn sense for me to be an entrepreneur.” There’s going to be so many opportunities for that. I assure you. There’s been so many opportunities me my life where I’ve been like, “This makes no sense for me to be an entrepreneur. I need to just go back to a job, ” but my vision said, “Get back in there. Get back in line. Get back up. Go prospect. Go do that thing. Go pick up that phone.” My vision smacks me right in the face and says, “Get your lazy you know what out there. Go do it. Step up to the bat.”

One of my favorite quotes of all time by Michael Beckwith, unbelievable guy. I’ve been able to share the stage with him twice now, just unbelievable. “Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.” What’s pulling you? You’ve got to have a vision of who you want to become that is so fervent, that is so powerful, that it will pull you through those tough days. You’ll look at those tough days and what would’ve made you slip and slide, what would’ve made you duck and dive, all of a sudden you’re like, “Thanks, I’ll take another.”

It’ll pull you past those nos. It’ll pull you past rejection. It’ll pull you past that social acceptance nonsense that everyone searches for. Now see, the step two and three that I’m about to share with you they doesn’t matter if you don’t have step one. If you don’t have a vision, you’re going through the motions, you’re swaying with the wind, the wind’s going to blow you down, man. I’m telling you, the real world is going to huff and puff and blow your wannabe entrepreneur ass on its ground.

Number two consistency. Are you going to do the things each and every day that will propel you toward your goals? Are you going to do that? If you asked me to be a top income earner, I’m assuming that you’re saying in network marketing. What that means is, “Are you getting eyeballs on the presentation on a daily basis?” That’s what that means. Are you getting eyeballs?

I have people that come to me and they’re like, “Ray, I so want to become a top earner. I’ll do anything man. God, I’m just so fired up. I’ve been in this company for two months,” and I just ask them, “How many people did you show last week?” “Well, I’m still figuring out my stuff and I don’t have my business cards, and I haven’t gotten my logo hat. Once I get those vista print cards, then I’m going to prospect.”

You can’t say, “I want to become a top earner,” in the same sentence that, “I didn’t show my presentation anywhere in the last week.” You can’t say it. Now, you can say this. You can say, “You know what, I would like to become a top earner, but I’m currently too lazy to do the steps to become one. What would you suggest?”

Number three: stay a student. This is how you surpass all. We’re in an interesting situation in that our coaching and training business has taken off to the degree that we make more than most number one income earners in network marketing companies. I’ll tell you how we’ve done that is by being a student. Constantly.

We have now invested two hundred and sixty four thousand dollars in the last two years in just coaching and Masterminds. This past year, I invested in a Mastermind called The Genius Network that’s ran by a man named Joe Polish. Super sharp dude. Amazing group. The average income is nineteen million dollars a year. Now, I’m not sure if there’s any network marketer making nineteen million dollars a year, so I go in there and I bring them coffee and I give them massages.

I’m just kidding. I don’t do that, but I’m constantly getting around people to raise my level of thinking. You have people in there like Dean Graziosi. Did two hundred and fourteen million last year. Brendan Bouchard. I think he did around two hundred million, something like that. There are big names in that group, and I did that to force myself to think bigger. There are questions discussed in that kind of group you just don’t hear outside of that kind of group. It’s forced me to think differently.

Stay a student. I have seen so many people that they get to whatever level they think is important and all of a sudden, they’re the hot shot. “Hey, how you doing? Hey …” and it’s funny, I see people at the six figure level. I see people at the seven figure level, and they’re like, “Hey.” They’re no longer a student. Well, let me tell you, you’re either growing or you’re dying. Your company’s either going up or it’s going down.

The minute you stop being a student, the minute you stop believing that you have something to learn, you’re going down my friend. There will never be a time in my life where I’m not investing in my education. That I’m not investing in myself. That I’m not hiring coaches. I don’t hire coaches for motivation. My vision dictates my motivation, I don’t hire coaches for motivation.

Number one, vision. It’s the most important. Number two, consistency. Doing things every single day that push you towards your goals, in network marketing, it’s showing eyeballs on the presentation. Number three, staying a student. I see so many people get to whatever level they think is awesome and then all of a suddenly they stop being a student and they’re too cool for school.

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