Network Marketing SuccessIf you haven’t heard the Network Marketing Success Story of Luciano Fidalgo, you’re gonna want to listen up! This guy went from “knees buckling” to building his Business (International) to a Team of 100,000.

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Who is Luciano Fidalgo?

We’re excited to bring you this amazing interview with The International Network Marketing Tycoon, Luciano Fidalgo. This gentleman has a humongous international team (over a hundred thousand).  Also, we are VERY honored that Luciano is one of our coaching clients.  And, happens to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in my entire life!

He got initially got started back in Network Marketing in 1988 for 2 reasons. He hated having a boss and an alarm clock. When opportunity presented itself, he decided to pursue Network Marketing.

Luciano shares his story about how he got over his fear of talking to people and what helped him get over 100,000 people on his team!

Network Marketing Success: Luciano Fidalgo

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