network marketing scriptWant to prospect those in real estate? Here’s our best network marketing script for realtors.

I have been able to recruit quite a few realtors over the years and if you want to as well, this should help.

Best Network Marketing Script for Realtors

Phone calling. You’re driving down the street, you see a realtor sign, you want to call them. My suggestion … if you’re cold calling … is for you to embrace the idea of fast disqualification. Now that’s kind of contrary to maybe what you’ve heard before. See, most people, if they get a live breathing human … a beating human heart on the phone, they want to stay on the phone as long as humanly possible. Because they think the length of time, interacting with a human, increases their chance of recruiting them. Not true.

In fact, I would say, more Network Marketers talk themselves out of sales, than into sales. Speed is your friend. If I had to boil down prospecting to one line, I would say, “Say less, to more people.” If you follow that mantra, “Say less to more people,” you will be able to reach more people. You’ll be able to talk to more people and you’ll be much more easily duplicated than if you spend 30-45 minutes with every single person you ever interact with.

When you’re spending 30-45 minutes with somebody, they can’t help but they think in their head, “Oh my, this is what I have to do? This seems like a real drag. I don’t know if I have time.” If you’re fast. If you’re just sharing a little bit. Then moving onto the next one, if that’s what needs to happen, very, very powerful. Very easy to duplicate, and you just reach more people. If you reach more people, your chances of recruiting more people is much higher.

Cold calling Realtors, fastest qualification. “Hey there, this is Ray. I saw your sign on US-41. How you doing today? Looks like you’re with Century 21. Awesome. Hopefully things are going well for you. Listen, I may have a crazy question for you, but listen, we actually work with a lot of Realtors. My question for you is, would you be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re doing in Real Estate?”

Me personally, I’m looking for fastest qualification. Getting a “hell no,” fast. Not a problem. I don’t have any issue with that. One thing, if you want to totally change your result in recruiting, then stop trying to close every person you interact with. Very frustrating. Very time consuming. Not fun.

If it’s not a cold call, like maybe you know a Realtor. I would very … similar approach, but I would just give them some compliments. “Hey, I know that you’ve been doing really well at Real Estate, and that’s just awesome. Hey listen, the company that I’m working with … we’re actually working with a lot of Realtors.” Make it a normal thing. Okay? You don’t want to go them and say, “Hey, you know what? We’ve actually never worked with a Realtor before, but we think it can work.” People want to do what others before them have done.

You want to say, “Oh my goodness, I found out that-” and if you’ve been attending your company events, and you’ve been paying attention, put on your listening ears, and you have a realtor success story. Use it. Now, I don’t personally think that’s as effective to use when cold calling. But I do think it’s effective warm market. If you have, “Hey listen, Joe,” there’s Joe again, “Joe, now you’re a realtor. Joe, I was just at my company event. Oh my, I heard this guy that had … he was a realtor and he started making 6 figures, part time. It’s just crazy. I don’t know if this is a fit for you or not. I don’t know if you have any interest, any way, shape or form. Listen, I just got to ask, hey it looks like we’re working with a lot of realtors, would you at all be open to something that didn’t interfere with what you’re doing in real estate.” Just asking the question.

In the video below I share what to do if they tell you no AND even how to get some referrals. Be sure to watch the whole video for the full scoop. In addition, here are some more resources to help you:

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