network marketing recruiterDo you want to be a better Network Marketing recruiter? This will help.

In this video and post I share some tips to help you constantly become a better recruiter.

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Becoming a Better Network Marketing Recruiter

When it comes to being a better network marketing recruiter, I’d suggest looking for those that are open. I believe the big difference between people who get frustrated with network marketing recruiting and those that don’t is most are looking to recruit someone, I’m looking for who is open so that I recruit the right one.

In Yesterdays show I shared the example of the waitress offering the key lime pie, learn to operate like that and you will crush it.

The more time you spend down, the less effective you’re going to be at that thing. If I have an addiction to the outcome, if I really want to get recruits, get recruits, get recruits, and I look at every person and I try to recruit them no matter if they’re open or not, then I can get frustrated and I can turn some people off. They can talk about me behind their back. It’s actually just a not so pleasant storm of collateral damage that happens because I’m so addicted to getting them to join.

It’s very powerful when you don’t have to have that sign up. I don’t have to have a sign up and neither should you when you are talking to someone, EVEN when you could really use the money you cannot come across that way or you will sound desperate and no one wants to join someone desperate.

Some of you may think, “Oh, that’s real nice for you to say, Ray. I wish I could be that way.” No. No, no, no. It is that attitude that got me here. I didn’t develop this attitude. I didn’t hit a certain income level. Then decide, “Okay, all right. I don’t need recruits anymore.” No. That’s not how it happened. It is that attitude that helped me get here.

In the below video I share an actual script that I used to help me become a powerful network marketing recruiter when I was very focused on building my network marketing business. My primary focus now is serving the profession as a whole and impacting people in all different sorts of companies but watch the below video for the script that I used and more suggestions.

Was that helpful? Feel free to share with others, this goes hand in hand with yesterdays show and I hope it really helps you and your teammates.

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