mlm tipsHere are my best MLM tips to help you keep going when no one is joining.

IF you are serious about long-term network marketing success, this will help.

MLM Tips to Keep you Going

If you go to a restaurant and a waitress says to you, “Hey, would you like a slice of key lime pie?” And you say, “No, no thanks,” is she going to say, “Oh God, I’m such an idiot. Dang, it. Man, I blew it! This is never going to work out. God, this sucks. I can never be a waitress. My mom was right.” No. That’s psychotic.

Why? Let’s analyze. A couple of things, number 1, that waitress probably asks that question a hundred times a day. Number 2, and more importantly, they don’t have an addiction to the outcome. You need to be asking people not to join your business, not to become a customer, but are they open?

What are the two things that the waitress has that’s a humongous advantage to all of us professional, really awesome, network marketers? Number 1, she asks the question hundreds of times a day, probably, and number 2, she has no addiction to the outcome. If you become like that waitress you would become a frigging juggernaut. You would carry the hammer of Thor with ease.

See if people are open to receiving the key lime pie, to joining your opportunity, to being a customer of your product. If they’re not, go serve the next table. Don’t worry about it. It’s not that big of a deal.

Discouragement means that you were addicted to the outcome. Have a non-addiction to the outcome, the below video goes more in detail and shares several more MLM tips and examples with you to help you. Feel free to share this with your team or anyone else that may be facing discouragement.

The Key to Network Marketing Success – Don’t Get Discouraged

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