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Want to  get better at your Network Marketing Prospecting? Read this to STOP hurting yourself!

With the already stigma that most people have about Network Marketing, we don’t need to hurt ourselves and today will share with you how to get better results with a simple tweak.

Fun Business Quotes for Today

“an entrepreneur’s ability to find strength when others want to run, hide, quit, or blame someone else for their failures.”- Donald Trump
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“Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them…Your compensation is directly proportional to how many lives you touch.” – Bob Burg
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A Few Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

1. Don’t explain your business or opportunity, let your company tools do the talking for you. Just because you are a great salesperson does not mean you should do all the work, use the system.

2. Don’t spend too much time convincing someone to join, you will most likely spend too much time convincing them to prospect, convincing them to attend meetings, convincing them to stay positive and then convincing them not to quit.

3. (and way more detailed in the video below). Explain your career in the best light. YES, you should be honest but paint the honest truth in the very best light. You don’t want to engage in Network Marketing prospecting techniques that ultimately undercut your effectiveness. To see what I mean be sure to watch the video below.

4. Numbers are your friend. Yes, we all hope that big shot that you talked to and expressed interest in joining joins but in the meantime, go prospect more people.

5. Understand the difference between profit producing activities and preparation. Network Marketing prospecting is THE profit producing activity you need to be doing often and daily IF you want to create massive success in this profession.

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Was that helpful? Be honest, have you done it the wrong way in the past? Comment below if this makes sense to do with your prospects and also feel free to share with your teammates to help them out as well, big thanks to my bud Ed for the inspiration!

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