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Managing Eagerness in your Network Marketing Prospecting

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IF you are struggling with results in your Network Marketing prospecting, it just might be an eagerness problem.

What do I mean? Check out the video to check if you are being too eager in the prospecting process.

The Biggest Key to Results in Network Marketing Prospecting

If I could boil it down to ONE thing that impacts Network Marketing prospecting more than any other factor, it would be posture. I have been teaching posture in ALL of my network marketing prospecting training since I started in the Network Marketing niche however, the real key to posture is STAYING postured and many networkers blow this part by getting too eager. The other night I did a full blown training on Cold Marketing prospecting where I talked about this but wanted to dive into this exact concept in today’s blog video.

What is Posture and How do you Manage Eagerness?

Watch the below video to learn what posture actually is and also why managing eagerness is so key to bigger results in your Network Marketing prospecting efforts.

OK, be honest…have you been too eager in the past? Haha, I bet you have, we all have. Manage that eagerness and stay postured and you WILL get better results in your Network Marketing Prospecting!

By the way, if you want the replay I talked about, you can watch it here.

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