Is your Warm Market Burnt out from the 29 other companies you pitched them?

Here are some scripts that will get you RESULTS when you are Network Marketing Prospecting to a Burnt Warm Market.

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Network Marketing Prospecting (Script To Use)

For a long time I was real anti-script, and you know why? The reason is, the person that so craves a script usually won’t practice it until perfection. If you’re getting a script, but not practicing it to perfection, it sucks. You’re like okay what was it again? It’s just not good. I would rather you go from your gut and even saying something not great, without an addiction to the outcome, will be better than an improperly followed script.

All right, so here you go.

This Is My Suggested Burnt Market Script

I’m doing this new business and I know for certain that this business is not a fit for you, but I think you might like the product. Again, I know you have zero interest in the business, but check out this brief video, article, whatever you got about the product. You might like it.

Now, that will weird some people out because they are waiting for you to drop the bomb. And I’m telling you, I’m just letting you know, here’s going to be your temptation. If you say this and I’ve had people swear on a stack of bibles that their Burnt Market was completely, they’re just toast. They’re just burnt to a cinder and I’ve had those same people go recruit people with this script. Okay, but, let me give you the warning because I’ve seen it happen.


I’ve watched people that do this right? Having lunch or something like that and I watch and so they’ll say, Hey I’m doing this new business and I know for certain that this business isn’t a fit for you, but I think you might like the product. Again, I know you have zero interest in the business, but check out this video, article whatever about the product. The person that they’re talking to says, okay!  And then something switches.

The Network Marketer turns ON.

Well you know the business would be awesome. You know that you could actually make money talking to people about it. Actually if you look at it, it’s really like a ground floor opportunity and you could make so much money with it. It’s seriously amazing. I got a buddy that’s now making ten thousand dollars a week with it. It is just incredible. You are going to love it!”

And they like hmm, there you are! I was looking for you. Glad you didn’t disappoint and they walk away and they don’t look at anything.

Let The Tool Do The Work

You’ve got to resist that. Just because I’m teaching you a way to get them energetically engaged doesn’t mean you drop the hammer on them. Let the tool do the work. Let the video do the work. Will that video talk about a business? Probably, right?

They’ll come back to you and they’ll say things like well, I’m a little confused. Why wouldn’t I do this as a business? You’ve got to resist the urge. Don’t go full network marketer on them. Hold it down. You have to play it off and you say, “Oh my goodness I never thought about that. But yes, sure. Of course yes, you could do that. That’d be cool. I’d be happy to work with you.

Then you hang up the phone and you’re like yes. Nailed it. Whew. Right? That’s what you’re going to do, but do it off the phone.  Don’t do this over face time because you let the tool do the work. The key, and in different sales, different things matter. I’m teaching you a way to take someone who would not have seen your video and getting them to see it. Let the tool do the work. Just because you told them that the business isn’t a fit for them in any way, shape or form, which most of them want to prove you wrong.

That’s what’s funny about that script. Do you know most people out there, they want to prove you wrong. So if you say, you’d be great at this. They’re like no I wouldn’t. This isn’t a fit for you. Well maybe it is. It plays to your advantage. That’s an advantage to you. Tell them those kind of things and let the tool do the work. If they come back to you and say hey, you know what? Yes I would like to try the product, sign them up as a customer. Nothing wrong with that.

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