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Want to become more motivated in your life and business?

Here I share the 3 things that keep me motivated to show up everyday.

What Motivates Me To Produce

What motivates me personally?

I’ve taken different personality tests over the years like the Meyers-Briggs and the color personality things. Those are fairly simple ones.

But I took a really advanced one, and the advanced one tells you a few things that I’d never seen any other test tell you. Which is your resting personality, your adaptive personality and your drivers. What actually drives you. Like what makes you, what gets you going.

What psychologically drives me and I know this to be true because I can actually trace back many conflicts or turmoil in my life. Many times that I’ve had turbulence, times that I’ve gotten upset and it’s been because there was a challenge to one of my three main drivers.

My three main drivers in order, psychologically from this test, are impact, personal freedom and financials.


I need to be making money or I don’t feel like I’m doing my job as a husband. That’s how I feel. And, no judgment if you don’t feel that way.

My wife, who one of her highest drivers is security, if I don’t have her feeling good about our financial future, then I don’t feel like a man.

Now, keep in mind, she’s been with me when I was dead broke and in personal foreclosure and she was paying my utility bills. That contributes to my need to take care of her.  That is one of my drivers.


The number one driver though is impact.

If my life was miserable, and I was really not in a happy place, if you came to me a said, “Hey, man, I got this big event going on and you’ll be able to go on stage and rock it out and impact a whole bunch of people,” that gets me excited. That definitely gets me excited.

If you tell me ways of where I can make a difference vs where I can make money, the making a difference will excite me more.

Because I know how to make money. We’ve done lots of different things over the years from being dead broke twice and kind of learning why did that happen. I understand it’s value in the marketplace, it’s solving problems, and it’s adding value to other people. All in a structured manner that adds more value than you charge in money.

So, I know how to make money.

We built a healthy company that was on the Inc. 5,000 last year. It was one of America’s fastest growing companies, but I wasn’t working as hard as I am right now. But, I feel more fulfilled and more happy and more excited and fired up than I’ve been in my entire business career because of Rank Makers. We really have been building that vision of impacting network marketers all over the world, and working toward making it the highest producing group inside of network marketing.

I’m doing a video every single day inside of that group and I am working more hours for sure, every single day, but I’m more fulfilled. I’m more fired up and I’m making a bigger impact. It’s so awesome.

I tell the Rank Makers, “Hey, you guys fire me up more than I do you, guarantee you.” And I really believe that because impact is my biggest thing.

Personal Freedom

Second, personal freedom. And this stems from some of my childhood.

My parents split when I was young and my dad married and wasn’t the nicest, stepmom wasn’t the nicest person. She dealt with some different challenges at her job and personality-wise, ect. So, sometimes that was taken out on me.  I had a lot of restrictions in my life. What I could eat, where I could go, there was a lot of restrictions and not some, a lot of them weren’t healthy restrictions.

A lot of them weren’t healthy, and so when my personal freedom is challenged, that really gets me going. Man, like that really riles me up. At this point there is no way that I’m employable. There’s just no way. Now, there’s no judgment. If you love your job, then awesome.  There’s lots of people that love their jobs, I’m not bashing jobs. I’m just at this point in my life having been an entrepreneur since, full time since 2005 for good or bad.  I’m just unemployable. I just can’t do it.

And so, my three drivers.

What Does Success Mean?

IF someone asked me, “What does success mean to you?”

To me success means two things, growth and contribution.

I need to feel like I’m growing, so I invest more in coaches than anyone that I know. Anybody. Even bigger guys. Even people making more money than me. I don’t know anyone that spends more, invests more money in coaching than I do. We spend a lot of money on coaching. I hire lots of coaches and courses and seminars and masterminds and retreats and all those different things.

And so for me, two things, growth, contribution.

Now, I gave that definition before I understood my three drivers, right? But if you look at growth and contribution, isn’t that similar to impact and personal freedom? Those are the things that fire me up, and that’s why it’s my life is so congruent with our private community and Rank Makers in that I just love seeing them impact people. I love making an impact and being part of their journey, and so that’s why I really feel like I’m doing my life’s calling. Between that and being a dad and a being husband, it’s awesome.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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