Network Marketing hatersIF you have been in the business for ANY length of time you have probably ran into some network marketing haters.

The question is, do you educate them on the merits of the profession or what exactly do you do? This will help you with this question!

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Network Marketing Haters, Convince or Not?

In my opinion, if you want to shorten your entrepreneurial lifespan GREATLY then just be a convincer, just be convincing everyone of everything.

To me convincing builds a muscle I don’t want to build. I can’t stand convincing anyone of anything and even if I know it’ll help them, even if I know they need it, even if I know they’d be great at it I don’t like convincing.

The problem with convincing is you’re spending time with someone who’s not open when you could be spending it with people that are open and on top of that you don’t typically feel good. After your convincing session you walk away from that and you most likely feel like you need to take a shower.

Even when someone asks me to convince them, I will most likely flip it around and ask them to tell me why they may be a good fit for what we are offering.

I’m not in the convincing business, I am infinitely more apt to make them a convincer than me the convincer. In the below video I actually give you an exact example of how to do this.

If someone says “Oh it’s one of those network marketing things” I say yes it’s probably not a fit for you but hey let me ask you, do you know anyone that does want to make some extra money if we show them step by step how to do it? Dead face, I wasn’t effected by their negativity in any way, shape or form. It blows their mind because THEY would have been very negatively affected if someone said what they just said to me to them.

Don’t mind the network marketing haters, they either hate on it out of ignorance or laziness. Perhaps they would promised something for nothing and were brought into a company with bad expectations or they just heard someone somewhere talk bad about it and that made them network marketing haters, either way, it isn’t your problem and it is not your marching orders to rehabilitate network marketing haters into believers. =)

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