Network Marketing Business Opportunity

When it comes to your network marketing business opportunity you need to ask yourself the question, “does your product inspire you to go out and help others discover the opportunity?” In today’s training, Staci and Nicole will answer the questions of why sometimes you don’t feel inspired by your network marketing business opportunity/product.

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Network Marketing Business Opportunity

The Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Staci: And what if your products don’t inspire you? Is it time to move or is that just quitting?

Nicole: Okay, can I address something first? Oh, this is big. This is big.

Staci: Yeah.

Nicole: People love your company, love it, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that, “I don’t feel like I belong where I’m at but I know that if I leave and find another company I’m a quitter.” You’re not a quitter. You’re looking for something that fits you. You still want to serve other people. You want to solve, offer them solutions. I’m not telling you to leave. I think you really need to dive a little bit deeper and find out what it is, where it is. Is it your company or is it something that’s going on with you, Richard?

Because most of the time when people say they have issues like marriage issues, issues with their kids, issues with that and they’re blaming it all on network marketing, really, that’s not the root of the issue. So really dive deep here and find out. But please don’t ever think that if you leave and go to another company, you’re a quitter. Please. That holds people in companies that they should have left five years ago, where they can be finding success somewhere else. don’t do that.

Staci: Yeah, I agree. I’m scrolling looking. There’s so many. Okay. I agree with that, and I want to also take a little bit of pressure off you, Richard, because not everyone is super product passionate. Here’s the thing about our profession, there’s so many people who have a strong product testimonial and that’s how they actually get into the business.

That’s their whole segue into the business, is somebody shared a product with them that changed their life for the better and they’re just so happy with the results and they love the product so much that they just want to share it, and that’s how they start to build a business. But that is not everyone’s story. That is not my story. I love my products a lot, just like everyone else, but that is not what motivated me to build my business. It was building people that motivated me. That’s where my passion lies. I love to help people uncover their greatness and help them realize what they’re capable of.

That’s what lights me up, and there are a lot of people like that too. So even if you’re not super passionate about your products, you have to ask yourself, am I passionate about the company and the corporate team and the mission and am I passionate about the culture and the people? Because if you can say unequivocally beyond a shadow of a doubt that your products are excellent quality and do make a difference in people’s lives and it is changing people’s lives, even if you’re not super passionate about that, it doesn’t make it any less true. So if you have enough belief in the profound ability of what you have to offer, being able to help someone else change their life, that can be enough.

But you have to decide for yourself if that’s the issue or if the issue runs deeper. If you’re struggling with the culture, if you’re struggling with anything else other than the actual product, I would look at that, like Nicole suggested. And also, if you’re not really passionate about the product because you’re not seeing people get results, that would be a whole different conversation.

But I have found personally that network marketing products are almost always superior to everything else you can get on the shelves. So that’s not usually the case, but you have to ask yourself those questions.

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