As a Naples Life Coach I know that one of the most powerful things we can all do as humans is to listen more. Last night I had the extreme pleasure of watching my Mom finish her Tampa landmark forum. I am so proud of her and so glad I pushed you to go and so is she. She is more free than I have ever seen her be and she is working on giving up all her woe is me stories and her stories about those around her. The Tampa landmark forum was full of people who have changed their life. You see, ALL people create stories and labels for those around us. We then become addicted to our stories and expectations of them. This means we lose who they really are and are addicted to what we have created for them to be. This is the little voice in our head predicting how they are going to act and what they are going to do rather than live in the present of what actually is happening. When you continue to build these stories about those around us, then meet new people and quickly try to figure out who they are like so we can start living in the present with them too, well, we start to live a certainly tedious and predictable life. Strip away those stories, stop your expectations, stop reliving the same relationship over and over and over and start opening to the possibility of newness and presence. Listen. Listen by shutting up those voices in your head that are telling you all the other mindless garbage that is everything BUT living in the present.

Ray Higdon
Naples Life Coach

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