Hello there! I am a Fort Myers marketer and earlier this week I met with my friend Anita who owns a Naples Fountain company. Anita is a good friend and has been attending my SWFL Business Events for the past several years. As a Fort Myers marketer I get to meet with lots of business owners who in this market are looking to better spend their marketing dollars. Gone are the days of simple branding or paying big bucks to just get your name out there. As an owner of a Naples fountain company, Anita wanted to know how to get something more than just referral business. This is the top Naples fountain company as far as experience and service but they have hardly any presence online. I suggested she change her page around a bit and start blogging and possibly using pay per click. I find as a Fort Myers marketer that pay per click can be a local business’s best friend.

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Marketer

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