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My Talk at the Be Legendary Speaking Event

Hanging at the Montage in Laguna Beach

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at the event called “Be Legendary” in Irvine, California and wanted to share what was talked about.

What is the Be Legendary event?

This is a speaking event for information marketers and speakers. If you are wanting to become an expert in your niche, this may be a good event to attend in the future.

Dave Van Hoose and Dustin Matthews asked me to be on a speaking panel with a few other speakers and it was a lot of fun. Let me share the questions that were asked and my responses and thoughts.

Question 1: How have you used speaking  and online marketing to build your network marketing business?
Answer: I have used the Internet to prospect, blog and create value to attract others into my “funnel”. Then I see what the prospects need or are looking for and see where I can help them and sometimes they need mentoring and coaching which I offer at no charge to my personal recruits in my network marketing business. Speaking has helped me get major exposure on different stages that has also attracted people to me. This is cool because just a few years ago I was totally terrified of speaking.

Question 2: What is working now to build your business vs what used to work two years ago?
Answer: Well, right now, we have had a lot of success with blogging and building relationships at events all revolving around providing value to our target market. What I don’t think works anymore is anything that involves not being connected to those you want to purchase products from you. Whereas in the past marketers could just hide behind messages, now, more than ever, people want to know you are real and that you care about them.

Michelle P and Me!

Question 3: If you had $50,000 and your goal was to make a million dollars in the next 12 months, what would you spend your money on?
Answer: Easy, invest in yourself. Hire a speaking coach, build your team of technical support and systems and attend as many events as possible, making connections all the way. Have someone help you craft a sales message and presentation and then look to what stages you can get on via webinars, JV’s or other speaking events.

It has been a great event so far and IF you are around the Irvine, California area, come out and hang out tonight with us! We will be hanging at the Hyatt by the John Wayne airport around 6pm. Hope this blog post gave you some insight into the world of speaking and if you can come out and hang, come on out!

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