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My Son Sharing why He’s Glad I chose to Work From Home With the Kids

Over 5 years ago I made a decision to work from home with the kids. I was on a path in my career where I was starting to work a lot of hours and being an ambitious person, I was headed toward the “corporate trap”. What is the “corporate trap” you might ask? The corporate trap is where you work your way up the corporate ladder, jumping from position to position, making a bigger and bigger salary and at the same time ever diminishing the quality time with your family and delaying your happiness and personal freedom.100_0160

For someone like me, that trap was almost irresistible. I love chasing goals and getting recognized for my achievements. The problem is when you are on that path, you get to a point where your salary is so good that you simply cannot leave as you have grown accustomed to that lifestyle and paycheck. So, imagine the confusion I created when I told my family and everyone around me that I was quitting my $80,000 a year salary to start my own home based business.

I heard from all sorts of people telling me I was crazy to leave my benefits and salary and even when I told them I was miserable, most replies I received were that everyone was miserable, what made me so different? Well, I don’t subscribe to that sort of lifestyle and I left my comfortable corporate salary to pursue working from home with the kids and being the ONLY person that would ever pat me on the back for my achievements!


Now, I can tell you that there have been times where I questioned making that move. Especially when I saw myself take a massive hit with the decline in the real estate market and I saw my huge checks go to pretty much nothing. I have since learned that anyone who has ever done anything worthy, has plenty of those moments too. But then, sometimes, you get to witness an event that makes it all worth it and validates your hard, yet unorthodox way of living.

Last night, my girlfriend, two sons and I were watching the Disney movie called “Imagine That” with Eddie Murphy. Cute movie, I recommend watching it. In about the middle of the movie my oldest son Brandon said something that almost made me cry. He made me so happy and so grateful that years ago I had chosen a different path. A path that did not include working for someone else. A path that allowed me to spend more time with the kids than I had ever spent with them. A path that allows me to take them to school every single day. What he said touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you all. Rather than me tell you what he said, I will let him tell it, in his own words. Watch the video below:

Wow. I am so happy and grateful that I made that choice so many years ago. If this affected you in a positive way and/or would like to share your story, please leave me a comment on this blog and I greatly appreciate it. The important thing to understand is that no matter where you are in life, you can be, do or have anything that you want. To your power and abundance!

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