My Primary Source of Income – Numis Network, a Gold & Silver MLM

I have had a lot of people on my twitter page ( and through other social media marketing ask me “What is it that I do?” Well, I do a few different things such as affiliate marketing, motivational training and coaching but my main source of income is a gold and silver mlm called Numis Network. Numis Network started August 15th, 2009 out of Tampa, Florida and they are the world’s first Gold and Silver Numismatic coin mlm. Don’t worry if you do not know what numismatic means, neither did I. I started in this company back in July, right before the actual launch and hit the top rank in the company in February. What is more exciting is the level of duplication I have seen happening in this company way over and above any company I have ever been a part of.

Here is what I saw when I first saw Numis:
– A refreshing product, anyone have too much gold and silver?
– Chance to be in at the top, we have around 6300 reps in the
entire company
– A comp plan that pays you what you deserve, not based on how
well you balance your legs
– A product that you won’t find on the shelves of Costco for $8.99
and you can literally never have too much of it

Now, what is great is it addresses one of the big things that always upset me about other network marketing products. This product is very
Internet marketing friendly as people don’t have to taste it, smell it, or see if it agrees with their tummy. We have been building this through
Webinars, Conference Calls and Online marketing vs. just massive amounts of home meetings.

Some of you have wanted to be on one of my webinars but have not made it on time so I recorded one for you all that you can watch here:

So there you have it! If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about this amazing company, you can reach me at (239) 471-4800. That is my personal cellphone and I work this business fulltime so I can support you and your team the RIGHT way. This gold and silver MLM is set to really take off this year and you will see more and more people coming into this company and having a blast collecting assets and making money.

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800
PS: You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. – Henry Ford