Happy Thanksgiving All, Have Gratitude Today and Everyday.

You know lately I always ask audiences I speak in front of
to tell me one thing about the year 2008. The common responses
I hear are that times are hard, work is tough, stock market
and real estate market stinks and on and on and on.

Your year is whatever you make of it. If you are a law of
attraction person, you know the more you dwell on the negative
the more negative items show up in your life. If you are a
numbers person, you need to understand the times we are in.


Don't believe me, read this article first:

It tells you that more billionaires are being created than
ever before. Of course mainstream media will not share this
with you as the majority do not want to hear this.


If you believe studying history helps predict the future,
study the moves of JP Morgan and Rockefeller during the 1929

So, what does this all mean to you?

Know that you do not have to struggle, know that if you take
the right actions right now, you can create your future.

How can you help others in this market? What is this market
making people need/want? Do you have that idea that you've had
for so long but never taken action on? Or, is now the time to
evaluate your business, decide if its the right business and
if so, learn to dominate in a time where your competition is
withering away to smoldering ashes?

1) If you could choose any business, and be guaranteed $1
Million passive cashflow a year, what business would you choose?
2) If you had $10 Million in the bank, what would you do?
What would your day consist of? Who would you spend it with?
How would your life be different?

These questions will help you discover your passion. 

Sprint toward your passion with the hunger of a thousand starving

"The moment the voices on the inside are louder and clearer
than the voices on the outside, you have mastered your life"

When you align your will, attitude, intelligence and have a
laser focus on your passion, the obstacles no longer exist.

Write that book, buy or create that company, do that new
monumental thing toward your existing clients that will
drive your future to the heights you deserve.

Those around you will call you crazy
Those around you will say it can't be done
Those around you will say the media tells them what to think
Those around you may never breathe the air of someone who
has been empowered with the knowledge that you are an
unlimited source of power.

Spend your time crying about the market and attract more things
to cry about.
Spend your time moaning and complaining about business and
attract more things to moan and complain about.
Spend your time focusing on your competition and attract
more competition.
Spend your time going through life in a zombie like,
uninspired state and attract more passion lacking zombies around you.

"Be fearful when others are greedy and Greedy when others are
 - Warren Buffet

Now is the time empires are created.

Will you and your business be a corpse of the times?
Will you lose yourself in bad times never to reach your

Know that you are worthy.
Know that you have the same abilities as the richest and
most powerful people on the planet...and that is YOUR MIND.

I am gearing up for 2009. I know that money comes easily and
frequently. I know that I am magnetically attracting the right
people, assets, companies, resources to begin a new chapter
of wealth creation.

Follow your passion and give 10, 100, 1000 times more value
to your clients than you ever receive in cash and you will
not be a statistic.

Master your life now. Take massive action now. It's time to
put what you already know into practice and stop spending time
focusing on the media and what the un-empowered zombies of

My main goal in 2009 is to lock arms with the right people,
the people that raise their hands to the sky and scream from the mountain
top that they are tired of all this BS about the market and
are ready to put a chokehold grip on their destiny. I want to
lock arms and continue to align myself with those that really,
truly want to dedicate 2009 to being the best year of their
lives financially, spiritually, and physically.

I fully realize that you are now prepared for me to sell you
something, or push you to some website where I make a commission
or tell you how much value I am providing to my latest
subscribers to my paid newsletter but I am not going to do that.

If You have already discovered your passion and got value
out of this email, Great!
If I impact one life with this email, I am happy and grateful
to have made a difference in someone's life that was ready
for a change. You need advice on how to approach your passion,
reply to this email, I'll give you the best possible advice
I know how to give, or, you just realize that those around me
and I are on a path of something big, something new, something
real and worth pursuing...raise your hand and tell me so.

As most of you know I am involved with many companies and
ALL OF THEM ARE THRIVING. I have more wonderful things
happening and coming to me than I have ever had before. With
or without me, know that you already have all it takes to be super
wealthy and happy. 

I am so thankful to have the ability to write this email.
I am so thankful to be in a position to have someone on the
other side of this email to hear my rantings and ravings!
I am so thankful to have such wonderful personal and business
I am so thankful to lack the fear of writing what I really
think to all those around me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this but also
realize that reading, studying and knowledge is not power, but
only potential power. Action is true power.  

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You, God Bless and Good Luck to
You Today and Everyday.

Also, look out for More details on Our Holiday Charity Party on
December 10th in Cape Coral, Florida.
This year we are helping the boys and girls club and
I hope to see those of you who are in SW Florida there.

Ray Higdon