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There is a secret to building a huge network marketing downline. The secret is so simple but everyone, including me up until yesterday, over-complicates and makes harder than it needs to be. Understanding this one secret will drastically change your income level and your downline almost overnight. When I realized how simple this secret is, yet, how powerful, I had to go to my sphere of influence and get their opinion on it. By the way, my sphere of influence included 4 individuals that have made multiple millions of dollars in network marketing.

Are You Ready for The Secret?

Here is what I know. When you hear what the secret is you will try to negate it. You will try to over-complicate it and say it isn’t really. You will tell me that you think it is more important to buy mlm leads or invest in fancy software. You will tell me that you don’t need to do what this secret tells you to do or that it doesn’t apply to you or that this secret is outdated.

The Secret is…

If you are in network marketing, you are really in the event promotion business. If you can only do one thing for your business it would be to attend events and if you could do two things it would be to invite people to events. First, let’s hear what some folks that have made millions of dollars in network marketing have to say.

Jake Kevorkian is a legend in network marketing for multiple reasons but I will only talk about one. When he was introduced to Network marketing he was actually in a city where almost everyone had heard of his company and was already in it. When his upline suggested he move to another state, Jake did, and then went on to become the number one income earner in his MLM. (Jake is also mentioned in the book “Distributor Rights” written by MLM Watchdog Rod Cook). Jake says, “Not everyone that attends company events will go on to become a 5 figure a month earner, but, anyone who IS to to make 5 figures a month SHOW UP at company events.” Jake goes on to say that the number one reason to attend events is to solidify your belief. “The stronger your belief, the more powerful you become presenting the business.”

Burke Hedges is an absolute legend in network marketing. From being a top distributor in multiple companies, To date Burke’s books have sold more than 4 million copies and been translated into 20 different languages. Burke says “The number one reason to attend events is simply to achieve your goals faster with the least amount of effort.”

Dave Lovett is a veteran of network marketing. His first company that he has not been actively involved in for over 22 years since provides him a massive residual income. Talk about success! Dave says “Major decisions are made at major events, those that do not attend set their businesses back 6 months to a year in relation to those who do attend.”

Here is my take

I gathered a lot of good information talking with those 3 gentlemen and a few others. Here is what I came up with on reasons why one should never, ever miss company or big events.

1) I am an internet marketer. Being an internet marketer sometimes it is difficult to dream up content. By attending big events where leaders are going to be, you get to shoot great video, interviews, pictures and have the inside scoop on your company. This online real estate is priceless and if someone was looking to join a company, do you think they would join with someone who attended the big company event and has pictures and the inside scoop or someone who stayed at home and played on facebook?

2) Learn marketing tips. With network marketing companies spanning a large area, it is not very often that ALL of the leaders are in one easy to access spot. Imagine being able to go up to every one of the leaders and ask them their biggest marketing tip, would that help your business?

3) Create partnerships. One of the most powerful ways I have used big events is to connect with people I have met or actually sponsored from the Internet. This creates a much more powerful bond that just someone you online chat with every once in awhile.

Big events are rarely about motivation. If you are not motivated enough about your opportunity, it probably isn’t the right one for you. Big events are to take future leaders and get them there quicker or take existing leaders and get better connected with and closer masterminding with their existing team. I can trace every single spike I have had in my network marketing company back to me attending an event. Please feel free to comment below on any good things YOU have gotten out of events.

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