Pictures-of-spina-bifida water skier

Pictures-of-spina-bifida water skier 2

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Ann O’brine-Satterfield and her husband of Ann is handicapped since the age of 2 and has spent almost all her life teaching kids with handicaps and disabilities how to water ski. In this post you will see pictures of spina bifida water skier’s as they do things on the water they never could do on land. I wanted to upload the pictures of spina bifida skiers so you could see these amazing pictures. I was very touched by what Ann said and as they DO NOT CHARGE, I encourage you that if you know someone that is handicapped, look them up and try to get them to Ann, it is a non-profit run by volunteers and they do not charge the disabled. Ann spoke at the Estero Community Center for Goodwill industries today.

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