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MLM Truth: 50 Shades of Ray

mlm truth

This video might open some eyes, get prepared for some pure MLM truth!

There are three big points I make in this video that most people simply don’t know, watch it and feel free to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My bud Ben Settle suggested I do an email with a subject line of “50 Shades of Ray” so here ya go Ben lol. Hope you guys got a chuckle. If you know me at all you know that I go ALL OUT on Valentine’s day, I love spoiling my wife like crazy because quite frankly I think she is the perfect woman and I am super duper blessed to be with her AND she stuck by me when I was dead broke and I am very thankful for that. IF you’d like, feel free to check out last years adventure here, Spoiling her on Valentine’s Day.

What if you Hate Valentine’s Day?

I get it, I really do, believe that you can be happy. You can find the person of your dreams, I did and believe me, I NEVER thought I would. Make a list of the perfect person you want IF you want to find someone. And if you want to remain single, party on, have fun and never be sad on this or any day.

Get to the Point!

OK, OK, the point of today’s post is NOT lovey-dovey, it’s actually about kicking some butt! In the below video I share three BIG MLM truth statements that you need to understand if you want to crush it.

MLM Truth and Three Secrets

Was that powerful? Did you hear something that gave you an aha moment? Hope so, this is stuff I had never heard but witnessed over and over and it really is stopping people from creating success. Share with anyone you feel might need to hear this MLM truth and be sure to comment below if you got value.

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