Here are my best MLM Tips for starting your new network marketing rep.

Getting them started is CRITICAL, watch these suggestions and help them SOAR!

THE Most Critical Time

Starting your new teammate is THE most critical time for  you. They are the most fired up they will ever get (until or unless you get them to your company event) but they are also at the most sensitive time. They have not totally experienced the culture and community of your network marketing company and team so they are THE most subject to the opinions of others.

You MUST concentrate on getting them started during this critical time. In the below video I share two big suggestions to help you with doing this and you may also want to share this with your teammates so they start their reps off the right way too.

If everyone followed the MLM tips in the below video, I seriously believe we would have much higher retention in this profession and a whole lot less people that quit on their dreams due to lack of results.

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Two Big MLM Tips on Starting your Rep

So, will you test it out? How about YOU starting with those two tips? Start today like you are brand new and follow my advice and run with it! Here’s to you creating incredible MLM success! Feel free to share with your teammates.

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