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MLM Tips on Hitting your Goals

People look for help to reach their goals in all sorts of places. From friends, family members, books, coaches, events, etc. Why is it that some people can attend a course or be part of a mastermind, achieve massive results, whereas others are left behind getting no results?

Before we answer that, one thing that you must understand is everywhere you go, there you are. =)

Each new coach or course that you invest in you bring yourself to the party. You bring your habits and your way of being. One of the key questions we ask people before we allow them into our coaching is “Have you hired a coach before and if so, what was your experience?” In network marketing you might ask them “How was your last upline?” IF their answer was one of blame or negative, there is a good chance that they will show up the same way in your program and soon be bashing you to others.

When someone is in a company or program where lots of people are getting results but that person isn’t, MOST times the person will attack the program or company. They will ignore the facts around them and place the blame externally. This is a major issue because until this cycle ends, that person will NEVER reach success as it will always be someone else’s fault.

The number one place you should look for in the mirror. YOU have to take accountability and responsibility for your actions. YOU have to be willing to listen to what others in your company or coaching program are doing to reach success and be willing to take that uncomfortable action. I have had some amazing mentors and coaches that I have hired in my life but the truth is NONE of them took MY actions for me, I had to. They gave me suggestions but I had to implement.

IF more than one person is getting results from the particular thing that you are in, you now know that it works. The question is, will YOU work?

I hope this helps you. Without this understanding people are doomed to constantly repeat their natural routine of quitting too early or blaming others for their lack of success. YOU can create an empire IF you are willing to look in the mirror, put on your big girl/big boy pants on, and get to work.

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