6 Tips for Setting Goals for the New Year

setting goals for the new year

Are you serious about hitting and setting your goals for the New Year?

This post will help you do what you may not have been able to do this past year.

Serious About 2015?

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I didn’t hit my Income Goal this Year…

You’re probably like, wait a minute, I am supposed to learn setting goals for the new year from a guy that didn’t hit his goals? It’s true. Last year we smoked our income goal so for this year I had set a goal to triple last years goal. We did more than double but fell a bit from the triple goal. However, I am NOT going to beat myself up, we have already put into place or have plans to put in place more scalable ways to help people that I believe will resort in doubling THIS years income. Just for reference, last year our goal was one million dollars in revenue.

(Side Note) For those that may be new to my trainings and may have hangups with making money. Know that the money you make is simply a reflection of the value you put into the marketplace and value simply means the number of people you helped or the problems you solved for others. IF you do struggle with equating making money with anything negative or greedy, this article may help – The Energy of Money.

6 Tips for Setting Goals for the New Year

1. This may be the most critical…determine WHY you didn’t hit your goal last year. Human beings have patterns and they do the same thing over and over and scratch their head when they get the same results. Let me guess, last December/January you were totally fired up to build your business, lose weight, quit smoking or whatever and by February you were already off track? Sound about right? Well, why? Why does that keep happening? I should probably do an entire article on this one topic but I’d say the biggest reason this happens is you either A) don’t have a mentor or accountability partner OR you simply didn’t “hang around the fire” enough. What I mean by hanging around the fire is being around people that lift you up by attending events, and investing time and money in your education. Don’t skip this step, very, very important if you ever want to get different results.

2. Why do you want what you want? Seriously. Why? Why is hitting and setting goals for the New Year important? Dig deeper than you have before. Be able to tap into the REAL reason you want to hit those new goals. Is it to feel significant? Is it to prove someone wrong?

3. What happens if you DON’T hit your goals? The reason I see so many people quit on their dreams is they forget two things, they forget 1. Why they started and 2. The cost of non-success. If you don’t reach your goals this year, what happens? If there is no pain here, there’s a good chance you won’t have the chutzpah (boldness) to move past the dark and tough days (and if you are an entrepreneur, you WILL have those days).

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.50.54 AM4. Get Specific when setting goals for the New Year. There, we are finally ready to start working on the actual goals but I had to take you on a journey through your mindset first. Instead of saying “I want to start generating more leads”, be specific. When I first started blogging I went months and months without generating hardly any leads and now we can’t not generate at least 2,500 leads per month. Instead of saying “I want to grow my team”, say “I want to grow my team by XXX by XXX”. Now, just like above where I didn’t beat myself up when I didn’t exactly hit my goal, you need to be prepared to “work until” and not fall in the depression vortex if you don’t hit your goal exactly.

5. Identify the HABITS you will need to change. The fact is MOST people simply pay attention to their results and they complain about the size of their team, the lack of money in their bank account or the weight they are holding onto. You cannot change your results, you can only change the habits that created those results. What habits will YOU change THIS year? Will you invest in your education? Will you eat better and exercise more? Will you get around better mentors? What will your daily routine be?

6. Your why is not enough. When setting goals for the New Year, WHO is more important than WHY. WHO do you want to become? Who is the person you want to grow into and why is that important to you? How will people describe you in the new year? See the hands in front of you handing out big checks to your favorite charity, holding the microphone and sharing your story in front of thousands, heck, maybe even signing autographs! You need to see yourself accomplishing the life you want BEFORE it will ever happen. This is called your vision. What is YOUR vision? Who will you BE in this New Year?

Join the Conversation and Grow!

Comment below your number one or two goals for this New Year. There is something powerful about 1. Writing your goals down and 2. Publicly displaying them. IF you are scared to write down your goals in the comments section, how likely are you to hit them? Help your future self by saying to the world what you want in this upcoming year.

If you found this valuable for setting goals for the New Year, feel free to share this free article with anyone who may find it useful.

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