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MLM Tips: How to Recruit Leaders

IMG_9763Wanna know my very best MLM tips on how to recruit leaders? Watch this short video and get to work!

Developing and recruiting leaders have been one of my most profitable skills in my career, learn them and break the ranks!

The Art of Recruiting Leaders

Here is the truth, a LOT of the big leaders I have recruited, came to me. I didn’t chase them, they saw something in me that made them want to reach out and connect and the rest was easy. In this post I am going to cover the “rest” on how to recruit leaders as well as how to prevent yourself from turning high quality people off.

Your MLM Marketing Can Attract or Repel Leaders

By the way, when I saw the sacred word “Leader” in this context, it is someone who has built a team inside network marketing. I am NOT referring to affiliate marketing or online marketing guru’s in this post. That certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t leaders, they are just not who I am referring to.

So, being that I have attracted a lot of leaders to me, let me share what I have heard that works as well as share what MLM marketing turns them off.

1. If in your MLM marketing it isn’t clear that your main thing, BY FAR, is building your team, it’s a turn off.

2. If you use hype marketing, tell people they don’t have to call people or teach complex ways to build your team, the leader will not come to you because they don’t want a confused team.

3. If you bitch, moan and complain about stuff on social media, you are guaranteed to totally turn off leaders, interestingly enough though, you can  attract followers.

4. If what you teach is simple to follow, practical and isn’t ruling out warm market, home meetings, etc, the leader will feel comfortable working with you.

5. When it comes to MLM marketing, WHO YOU ARE attracts more people like you. If you want to attract leaders, BECOME ONE. Build a team, attend leadership conferences, work on YOU to attract who you want.

Video: How to Recruit Leaders

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