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Not sure what to say when your prospect doesn’t respond?

Here I share Follow Up MLM Tips that will get you more customers and reps.

How To Follow Up On Social Media

If your prospect doesn’t responded to you in 4 days or more, respond to them.

Never guilt or sham them. You’ll never nag your way to the top.

For those that don’t respond to you in 4 days, respond by saying, “Hey, I just wanted to apologize for not following up. I’ve been so busy with customers and prospects. Been rockin’ and rolling over here. How are ya?”

And, you see how they respond.

Don’t be addicted to bringing up the business at that moment. Because in about a month, send them an update with a deflection.

Something like, “Hey, one of my buddies is in travel and he just booked his honeymoon and saved 75%. It was amazing! Do you know anyone who travels and wants to save money?” 

That’s an update with a deflection.

Deflection means not asking them, but asking if they know anyone.

You can do that with ANY product or opportunity.

And, 2 months later hit them again with another update and deflection.

What If They Don’t Respond?

Don’t worry if they don’t respond.

Don’t be addicted to responses. Be addicted to your activity.

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Be addicted to showing up and making your business happen.

And, say less to more people. Stop letting people who aren’t open to your deal take your energy and power.

Did you find that helpful?

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