MLM TipsToday you will learn some MLM tips around balancing your work life with your family life.

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Three MLM Tips on Balancing Work and Family

A lot of times, people come to me and they ask, “Hey, Ray. I’m serious about building my network marketing business, but how do I balance my family life with this?” I have three suggestions for you.

Number one, have an upfront conversation with your family. I mean, everyone in your family. Actually, I heard a portion of this from a good friend of mine, Eric Worre.

Have an upfront conversation with them and I’ll tell you what my conversation was. This was a few years ago. I was in foreclosure. I was dead broke. I was determined to change my life and turn my life around. I joined a network marketing business. At that time, I knew I’m like, “All right. I’m going to throw everything I have at this business.”

I went to my girlfriend at the time and I said, “Listen. The next two years are going to be hell. I’m going to be very focused on building my business. I’m going to be on the phone nonstop. I’m going to be locked in my office, nonstop. We’re probably not going to have time to do a lot of romantic dinners or anything like that. Probably not going to have time to go to the movies. I just want to give you this heads up because I need to do this for me and I would love your support, but I understand if basically, you want to run away.” I was given here option.

Fortunately, she didn’t run away and she is my wife and I’m very fortunate and grateful for that, but that’s how serious I was. I had that conversation and I backed it up. I backed it up. I did the work. Some of you have had conversations like that, but you didn’t back it up. You’ve told them, “Hey, I’m serious this time. This is the one. I’m going to make it happen,” but you don’t change your actions. You don’t stick to your routine. You don’t stay consistent. That doesn’t work.

Have the upfront conversation, but you also need to stick to your word. You need to do the work. That’s number one. Have the upfront conversation.

Number two, be mission centric. When you are building your business, when you are making your calls, make the calls and you need to be doing profit producing activity and you need to be focused on what you are doing for your business. I see a lot of times, because this is a home based business that people kind of straighten the garage, or they clean their desk, or they go make a sandwich or two, then, “Oh, let’s catch that … The next House of Cards episode.” Right? No, you need to be mission centric. You need to say, “All right. From this time to here, I’m going to be focused on my business.” That’s number two.

For the third and final tip be sure to watch the below video

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