This powerful interview shares some of the best team building tips you will ever hear.

Learn from a couple that has an active team of over 50,000 people in today’s show.

Meet Masa and Miguel – Momentum Experts!

Today I am sharing an EPIC interview with two masters of MLM team building. Masa and Miguel have built a team of over 50,000 ACTIVE reps in their network marketing company and today they share the goods with my audience!

This is seriously a GREAT interview with real team building tips to help you start a rep the right way as well as how to build that elusive momentum.

Epic Interview Jam Packed with Team Building Tips

Was that awesome or what? I thought their way of starting a new rep was powerful as was all their other team building tips. My wife and I are currently going through their course on How to Build Momentum and we are loving it and also highly suggest it to anyone serious about building a LARGE team.

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What Say You?

What was the biggest tip or suggestion you got from the interview? Be sure to comment below and this post may be one you want to share with your teammates.

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