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Practice MLM Sponsoring and Recruiting!


Let’s face it, there are some amazing resources out there to learn MLM sponsoring right? Then why do I constantly hear the same questions from reps? I honestly had no idea until Saturday when I had a coaching call with one of my teammates. It hit me like a splash of water in the face..the reason people struggle with MLM sponsoring is they don’t treat it like a sport. Let me explain..

How did you learn?

Some questions for you:

1. How many books on swimming did you read before you got in the pool and tried? Did you attend any workshops or night courses?

2. How many articles or webinars did you read or attend before you attempted to ride a bike? Did you scour Amazon on the best deals on “Riding bikes for dummies” books?

You Cannot Possibly Retain What You don’t Practice

The reality is that you cannot retain much of what you do not practice. I am wiling to bet that if you took a teen that could not swim or ride a bike, had them read 10 books on the subject and then attempt either, they would still learn exactly the way we all learned which was by Mom or Dad pushing us into a pool or down the nearest hill.

If you wanna know why you cannot retain the right things to say or how to cover objections it is probably because you are passively studying the material and not actually practicing it on potential prospects.

When Studying MLM Sponsoring Becomes Powerful

As a trainer that sells a course on MLM sponsoring, am I telling you NOT to study? Of course not but here is where you get the most out of your studying..when you can associate it to examples in your life. When you read the right type of questions to ask and you can recall people you have recently spoken to that the questions would have been applicable, you learn at a much better rate. Even better is when you can read something and test it out within an hour or so, that is powerful learning. However, if you have not been doing any prospecting and are not planning on doing any in the foreseeable future, studying how to prospect is almost a total waste.

Combined Practice and Study Equal MLM Sponsoring Mastery

When you combine practice with your study, you will become a master. It is better in my opinion to have done a few prospecting calls with people before you study MLM sponsoring and prospecting because you will better understand the different objections and obstacles you have and will encounter. This does not mean to decide not to buy courses on sponsoring, I have bought almost every one available in the market, because I wanted to become a master.

So just like reading 10 books on swimming will not make you a great swimmer, studying MLM sponsoring without taking action and prospecting won’t make you a great closer either. Combine the two, and you are one your way. Here are some helpful resources that you can check out on MLM sponsoring:

1. The Prospecting Scorecard
2. Mark Hoverson and I on Recruiting
3. My Master Sponsoring Course

Take the information you have and run with it, in todays electronic age you can download the best training available quickly and become a master recruiter in no time if you are willing to get on that bike and jump in the pool!

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