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What To Do if Your Marketing Sponsor Sucks!


So yesterday I talked about how uplines have to be better. This post concentrates on what to do if your MLM sponsor just isn’t good. Having a bad MLM upline is no excuse to not have success, this post will help.

Help! My Upline Pitched me a Different MLM!

Join the club! lol It is rare to not have this happen. With the low barrier of entry of network marketing and the amount of people that don’t understand the idea of being a long term thinker, the chances of your marketing sponsor pitching you another deal is pretty high. In fact, until I understood why I used to jump from MLM to MLM, I was guilty of this too!

Let’s define right now..are you an independent business owner? Or are you just a number in someone’s downline? I seriously hope you understand that there is a different vibration with each one. You cannot become a leader and build a serious business if you are hinging your success on ANYONE but you. Would we all like the ideal upline who is there for us always? Yes, of course, however, have networkers had major success even despite having crummy uplines? Absolutely.

The Thinker Thinks, The Prover Proves

George Zalucki, a legend in network marketing, says the thinker thinks and the prover proves. If you are thinking that you would have more success if your upline was perfect, well, you are going to prove that thought by NOT having the type of success you truly desire. This phenomenon is similar to most people desiring to be right more than to be happy. Give up and let go of the fact that hardly anyone ever has a perfect upline and just succeed anyway.

Here are some concrete things you can do right now if your upline is crummy:

1) Go above them. Try to reach out to your company support or other leaders to find out who you can get support from. You would be shocked at how many calls I get from people that called the support desk of my primary company because they had been abandoned and support gave them my number. I welcome that as should other reputable leaders in your company.

2) Make sure to attend every company function. If there is a major national event or training going on, make sure you get your butt there so you can meet some of the other leaders and you may find out that there are other leaders in your backyard that would welcome you snapping into the meetings.

MLM Upline Sponsor3) If all attempts to reach out and find support have failed, decide if you are going to continue with that company or find another. Too often stay in a situation they know they don’t like and time is the only thing you cannot get back. In my opinion, support and leadership is way more important than product or compensation plan as we are in the people business. I would still be with my first company if my MLM sponsor had not been absolutely terrible, so, sometimes bad things happen for a reason and you look back and are grateful.

If you decide to stick with a company despite its terrible support, stop COMPLAINING about it. Decide to stay or go and either decision, stick with it. Build the hell out of your business despite all the reasons you should fail and you will inspire those that come after you that have similar circumstances.

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