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Why I Used to Jump From
MLM Opportunity to MLM Opportunity

People that know me now would never guess that I used to be a MLM jumper that hopped from MLM opportunity to MLM opportunity. Well, it is true. Understanding why I used to do this uncovers a lot about how people operate. I was operating on auto-pilot without even understanding why. By the way, the picture to the right is NOT a pic of me, haha, just thought it was funny for this topic

Should You do More Than One MLM Opportunity?

The people that can, probably shouldn’t but most simply cannot build more than one MLM opportunity. Keep in mind, this comes from a guy that was trying to build 3 or 4 at the same time a few years ago…that sure didn’t work out!

This is nothing against those out there that tell you multiple streams of income, or, don’t put your eggs in one basket but I just don’t think that makes sense for this industry. It totally makes sense in investing strategies but I don’t think it does when it comes to the people business of network marketing.

Video: Why I was an MLM Opportunity Jumper


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