mlm recruitingIn your MLM recruiting efforts you ever get stumped with the “I want to think about it” objection?

This will help you with how to handle it and what to say to help you create network marketing success.

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Network Marketing Recruiting and Handling Objections

Let me tell you a funny, because something that is similar to “I want to think about it” is “I want to do my research.” Would you agree that those two are kind of intertwined?

I was up in Toronto, we have a team up there and I did this presentation for a network marketing company, my last network marketing company. One of my teammates, not my personal recruit, but one of my teammates brought me this prospect and he said, “Ray, Ray, Ray, hey I brought Joe here and Joe says he wants to do his research.” What do you think, Ray? He’s expecting this big song and dance. He’s expecting this magic show, this persuasive NLP anchoring and all this stuff, right? That’s what he’s expecting because he respects me as a leader, respects me as a recruiter, trainer, speaker, etc., so I said, “Absolutely. You should absolutely spend as much time as humanly possible researching. In fact, you may want to spend the next three to six months on it, there’s about 200, 220 videos online. Personally I would go through each and every one of them.”

“What? That is the worst advice ever”, you may be thinking. Stay with me here. The next day, we had a coffee meeting for the team and here he comes. He comes right over to me and he goes, “Hey, I just want to tell you, that after your answer to that guy, I was never going to bring you anyone ever again. But he signed up.” I responded, “Yeah, I thought he would.”

Why? Why’d he sign up?

It’s energy. I can teach you prospecting, I can teach you closing, I can teach you recruiting, in a very short manner. I can teach you what to say. It’s how to say and how to manage the energy of a conversation that takes a little bit more work. When someone, and the way that I manage a conversation, any conversation, in any sales presentation or sales negotiation or anything like that is I manage the energy. If someone is pulling away from me, I pull away as well. It’s borderline irresistible when you maintain full control of the energy of a conversation.

What most people would do is they would say, “Well, what’s there to think about? What’s there to think about? The making money part? The getting slimmer? The…” None of that stuff works. Throwing benefits… Pay attention to this, because this is kind of advanced stuff here. Throwing benefits at someone who has an energy that’s already going backwards, doesn’t work. Their energy is already going backwards.

Managing the energy. If someone tells me they want to think about it, I say, “Absolutely. You know what, I don’t want someone dipping their toe in the water, wasting my time, because I spend a lot of time training you. If you’re not ready, if you’ve got to think about it, if you want to kick the tires, then take however long you want, because I want people who are committed. People who are serious. Seriously ready to make a lot of money, to run hard, and to make this thing happen. If that’s not you at this time, totally cool.”

Do you know how many people I’ve recruited by saying exactly what I just said? I’ve recruited hundreds of people that way.

The truth is though, here’s the difference between me using a takeaway and most other people: I mean it. That’s what makes it powerful. I don’t say, if someone says, “Hey I want to think about it,” “Yeah, you probably should. We spend a lot of time invested training and working with you and if you’re not 100% certain, then yeah you probably shouldn’t join, I totally get it.” An advanced network marketer might say that too, but then they would wait. Then they’d say, “Well I think you’d do really good at it.” Now you’ve just lobbed a benefit at someone who’s going backwards in energy, and it’ll never work.

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