mlm recruitingWould you like to get massive results with MLM recruiting…without even prospecting? This will share with you how.

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The Different Stages of Knowledge of Today’s Network Marketer

We live in an amazing time where we are all connected through technology and we have the power to reach as many people as we want or are willing to put in the effort to.

How has this changed MLM recruiting?

Well, for some, it hasn’t. Some people still aren’t utilizing technology to grow their team while others are thriving. MANY of the MLM recruiting leaderboards across the different companies are filled with those that have mastered how to recruit without prospecting. How?

They learned to create online content that attracts people to them and are recruiting people that reached out to THEM not just people they personally reached out to.

Sounds cool right? But how do you do it?

My MLM Recruiting Plan

Back in 2009 I decided that I wanted to start attracting people to me for my network marketing business that I strongly desired to become the number one income earner in (it worked and I did become the #1 earner in my last company). I started doing two things, one of which is what every network marketing company teaches and the other is something more left to trainers like me to tackle.

The first was I DID prospect like crazy. I have prospected and recruited people from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn,, TripAdvisor, as well as all the regular places like bars, networking meetings, restaurants, car washes, etc. This is a key concept you need to understand…

You do what you have to do with what you have.

Because I didn’t have leads pouring in each day from my marketing, I HAD to prospect constantly…but I honestly didn’t want to HAVE to do that for the rest of my life, I wanted to create marketing in a way that would attract people to me.

I knew the BEST way to attract people to me was to offer EDUCATION not slick sales funnels or hypey advertisements so I started blogging on this site you are on right now. I started putting out almost daily free content that taught simple concepts around network marketing and it attracted network marketers to me. You may wonder, like many people do, well if you are attracting network marketers aren’t they already happy in their business?

Some are, certainly, but what I now know from doing this for years is there are people that are consuming education around network marketing that aren’t in a company or if they are in a company, they aren’t happy or they are one compensation plan change from leaving that company (unfortunately happens often).

So you see, from creating free content, that educated a particular target market, we were able to attract more people to us and that led to more conversations with people and some of those conversations led to them joining our business.

You DON’T Need to and Probably Shouldn’t Talk about Your Company

When it comes to network marketing online you shouldn’t constantly talk about your company.


Because it turns some people off and the rest that it doesn’t that genuinely have interest will google it and find some negative blog post or video about it and dismiss it without you ever knowing they were ever interested.

Focus on lead generation in your marketing. The best way to do that is by creating free content that teaches.

Don’t get me wrong here, you should NOT stop prospecting while you are building your online marketing empire AND this does not happen overnight. We probably went 6 months without getting any serious leads so you probably won’t stop prospecting for quite awhile but the sooner you start creating free content and providing value, the sooner you WILL start generating leads that may lead to signups in your company.

In a quick nutshell, here was my plan:

  1. Prospect like crazy to get my company presentation in front of as many people as possible
  2. Create free content (I prefer blogging but you could do Youtube videos)
  3. In that free content have calls to action to become a lead, preferably with a capture page but if you don’t have one you could simply tell the viewer to email you to connect or connect with you on Facebook
  4. Connect with those leads and see if they are open to my home business
  5. Eventually get to the point where I am generating so many leads from step numbers 2 and 3 that number one becomes optional.

Was this helpful? It IS possible to get MLM recruiting results without non-stop Panera bread and home meetings (not that I am against either) or cold calling IF you are willing to put in some effort and get free content out there that attracts and educates a particular audience. By the way, just because I do this for network marketers does NOT mean you have to, we have clients that blog and create content for the health and wellness niche, dieting, juicing, weight lifting, real estate, etc. Creating content consistently works for any niche in my opinion, in fact I did a free video sharing how to dominate in 19 different markets with free content with exact examples.

In the meantime, assuming you aren’t generating enough leads right now, work on getting better at prospecting and start doing your best at creating content. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. IF you got value from this, drop me a comment below and feel free to share!

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