MLM Recruiting Secrets: The Personality Colors

Want some powerful MLM recruiting secrets? Do you know how to close the different personality colors?

Watch this short video to learn insight into the different personality colors and how to better recruit them.

This is NOT a Thorough Personality Colors Training

It takes more than a 5 minute video to learn how to master the personality colors, however, stay tuned, I just might do a training on it down the road.

What this WILL do is help you with constructing closing scenarios to know the hot buttons of the different personality colors. If you want more results in your MLM recruiting efforts, you most certainly want to watch the below video and learn why recruiting a red is way different than recruiting a yellow. (don’t know what I mean? Watch the video!)

The Number One Skill Needed for MLM Recruiting

The biggest skill you need to master IF you want more results in your MLM recruiting is LISTENING.

Those who suck the most at MLM recruiting are the ones that simply fail to listen. They try to cram their opportunity down everyone’s throat without any rhyme or reason and get mad when someone tells them no. You HAVE to learn how to better listen so you know how to solve the problems or desires of your prospect. The below video will help you with that!

Video: Recruiting Secrets for Personality Colors

Was that helpful? Do you know some teammates that could use this help? Feel free to share these MLM recruiting secrets with them! Would appreciate any comments, IF you want me to do a full training on personality colors, leave me a comment below and maybe we can schedule that out.

To Your Abundance!

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