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MLM Recruiting:
How to Get More Signups at Your Meetings

mlm recruiting meetings

If you wanna become a master at MLM recruiting, you will want to know how to get people to signup at local meetings. This quick video could easily boost your results by 20% or more!

Watch this video if you simply want to get more signups!

Should You Run or Attend Network Marketing Meetings?

What is insane is that anyone would actually ponder this question. If you want to build a large team, you want to create community. You can certainly create some community on the Internet but I personally don’t think you can do anything like what you can do with local meetings.

Last night we did a party at the Hilton in Naples, had a total blast then hung out at Blue Martini the rest of the night. My team in Naples is FAMILY and we love to be around each other, that is something more powerful than what you can create via Facebook.

If you want to become a top earner you should ABSOLUTELY plug into local meetings or start running them if you don’t have any. For more info on that you can see my guideline to running a successful network marketing meeting.

Increase your MLM Recruiting Results at Local Meetings

Inside this quick video I share EXACTLY what to do after your prospect has seen the presentation. I also include why most people don’t get the best results with their recruiting and what NOT to say. You may want to look back on yesterdays video about How to Invite if you are not getting people to show up to your network marketing meetings.

Are those good suggestions for your MLM Recruiting approach? Did you like that video? Did you see the difference in energy in the two types of questions? If you think these are good ideas feel free to share with your upline to possibly implement into your meetings and share to help your downline get more signups. Someone in your team that is getting signups is a happy rep! Appreciate any feedback or comments you may have!

To Your Abundance!

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