mlm recruitingIf you want more results in your MLM recruiting, learn to be a better closer.

These simple tips will help you and we will share a few MLM recruiting resources for you.

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How to be a Better Closer

What most people think that it takes to close better is to be a better wordsmith, a better, more persuasive, NLP master kind of nonsense.

The reality is you’ve just got to learn to ask better questions. If you want to close more people, if you want to close more sales, if you want to get more people into your deal, service, product, opportunity, whatever, you need to learn how to ask better questions. That’s the key. I could go into frames. I could go into power postures. I could go into a lot of more advanced stuff. The lowest hanging fruit, the person that doesn’t close is the person that doesn’t ask enough questions, and they don’t ask good questions.

You get someone to watch a presentation. You ask them, “Hey, I’m just curious. What did you like about what you saw? Why were you open to looking at this presentation? Has there anything recently changed in your life that has you looking at this?” Okay, and if they tell you, “Yeah, I’m just looking at it because I want to make some more money.”

“Why? Why do you want to make some more money? Just curious. Why? You know, if you had more money, what would you do with it?” What you’ll uncover with questions is power, man. Powerful, and I’ve asked those kind of questions because see, if someone tells you, “Well, you know what, I’d like to make some extra money,” you better learn why, or you’re probably not going to close them. You’re probably not going to get them involved. Ask them why. Why?

If someone tells you, “I want to make more money,” okay, everyone would like to make more money. That’s why everyone played Powerball. You need to know why. Why is that? Why is that important? Why is making money important to them? What that looks like is I heard some incredible things that helped me close. I’ve heard people say, “Well, you know what, I actually need money because I have to put my mom in a nursing home, and it’s thirty-five thousand dollars.” I say, “Oh, okay. Here’s another great question. Now is that something optional, or is that something you have to do?” They said, “Yeah, I have to do this.”

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