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MLM Recruiting Tips: Lead Generation


In the digital world we live in, it is actually pretty easy to develop training materials that can be used as incentives to get more MLM signups, this post is gonna open the eyes of a few people to boost their MLM recruiting.

My Laptop is a Digital Meth Lab

What is the number one addiction for us network marketers? What has us scratching our necks and rocking back and forth in excitement? Training of course, we want to learn new stuff and constantly get better and you can use that to your advantage, if you follow the steps in this blog post. (By the way, the Guru’s would rather you just feed your habit vs know what they actually know). I produce digital meth in the form of mp3’s, videos, text and recorded webinars and I am going to show you how.

From User to Dealer

Here are simple ways to create training that you can then use for incentives for people to join your network marketing business:

1. Use screenflow or camtasia and record your screen to train on an area you feel people would like to learn more about into video files.

2. Use a free recorder (garage band for Mac) to record mp3’s on specific training.

3. Write out a list of tips into a word document into a eBook giveaway. I would suggest at least 5-10 pages.

Then, you can use any or all of those resources to give away to people that join you or someone in your team. People really want quality training and a good community to be a part of. So, collaborating with different leaders in your company to offer join incentives is pretty solid recruiting advice.

But Ray, I am not an expert!

Read my post on credibility first. Then realize that if you are on this MLM blog, you probably know more than at least 80% of the other network marketers out there. That makes you valuable. You do NOT have to be the number one producer in your company to train someone else, you just need to know more than the average marketer, which, just by reading this, you do. Right now I am in the process of collaborating with big and small marketers in my primary company to offer a war chest of bonuses when they join our team, not only is this smart for recruiting, it also helps them market the business they just joined (see how that works?) Think about what people want in regard to training and create a resource you can give away, and you will boost your MLM recruiting =)

Getting Likes and +1’s Makes Me Wanna Create More Training..

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