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MLM Recruiting:
Cold Calling Tips to Increase Your Results

I have lots and lots of people in my team that are setting their phones on fire by calling professionals for our network marketing business. This post contains my best cold calling tips to help you get more results.

Should You Focus on Cold Calling?

It really depends, know that warm market should ALWAYS be your first option. It is always faster, easier and cheaper to at least see if your warm market is open. Unfortunately too many people approach their warm market before they are properly trained so they blow it. If you want to know the best way to approach warm market, check out my 7 step MLM recruiting audio you can download here.

The Truth About Cold Calling

If you are going to be cold calling, you better do two things: (1) Toughen up and (2) Qualify faster. More on those two later. From me cold calling and seeing other team mates cold calling, there are certain numbers that seem to be pretty consistent.

You can expect 5% of those you cold call to do anything. 5% will watch a presentation you suggest and out of those 5% about 10-20% will enroll in your business. If you didn’t catch that, yes, it means I am saying 95% of people will not do a darn thing that you cold call. Now, with practice, you can improve this but in the beginning, 5% is almost always the case.

My Cold Calling Tips

1. Don’t let the toxic people get to you. Make enough calls and you WILL be cursed at, hung up on and yelled at. Let this affect you and you have failed the “Am I a business owner” test.

2. Go for speed. You want to determine very quickly if they are open or not as this is simply a numbers game. If someone is nasty, don’t spend time trying to turn them around, move on.

3. Manage the energy of the conversation. If they pull back, you pull back harder. Example: Prospect: I don’t think I can do this, You: Yeah, you are probably right, we are looking for people serious about building a business.

4. What you lack in skill, make up for in numbers. I assure you that two weeks after you start cold calling, you will be 500% better than when you started.

5. Ask for referrals in a sly way. If someone is negative, ask for a referral just like this (it’s fun). “Sounds like it is not a fit for you, do you happen to know anyone that actually DOES wanna make some extra money from home?” Usually they will stop you and change their attitude but you also might get some referrals.

6. You set the follow up time. Tell them to watch a video and ask them not when but “how soon” can you watch the video. More on this in my 7 step recruiting audio.

7. Feel the sale before you pick up the phone. Before you start your cold calling, visualize people saying yes to you, smile, pump your fist in the air and then start making the calls.

Fun Discussion Cold Callers!

Jessica and I have been cold calling some people the last few weeks and there have been some interesting calls, what is YOUR most interesting call? Comment below and lets have a good laugh!

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